Intel 82865G and 1440x900 Resolution

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 (Small form factor) with an integrated
Intel 82865G Graphics controller and have recently purchsed a Xerox LCD
monitor with a native resolution of 1440x900. This resolution was not
in the list, so I downloaded the latest driver from Intel and still no
joy. I then installed the monitor drivers and went back to display
properties and the new resolution was listed. I selected this (it
prompted for a reboot but I cancelled) and all was well. The display
looked great and was pin sharp. A couple of hours later I performed a
reboot and the  diaply reset to another resolution and the 1440x900
selection has dispeared from the available list! I then installed
Powerstrip to try to get a custom resolution but cannot select "custom
resolutions" because apparently the Intel 82865G does not support this

So my questions are as follows:
1. I know the hardware supports this resolution (as I had it working
for 2 hours) so how do I get this back?
2. I sthere any way to "trick" the driver to allow the selection of
this resolution. (Where does the drop down get it's list from: eg
registry, txt file) and can I try adding it.
3. Why did it allow me to select it temporarily?

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received as I am running
out of time to send the monitor back (which I am very loathed to do as
I have seen it working and it looks really sweet)

Many Thanks


Re: Intel 82865G and 1440x900 Resolution

Will wrote:
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There is a FAQ on the Powerstrip site, that explains they don't support
integrated (chipset) graphics. They mainly support Nvidia and ATI
video cards, plus a few others.

"Support for integrated and mobile graphics chips"

"Custom resolution primer"

Since it worked once, you know the hardware supports it. It is the
drivers that make life miserable for customers. The hardware contains
programmable registers and allows any resolution to be programmed.
There may be obscure rules, like the res must be a multiple of 8 pixels or
the like, but the hardware should be able to do what is needed, up to the
limits of the internal DAC bandwidth, internal memory available
for frame buffer etc.

You have a good deal of evidence to go on. You installed the monitor driver,
and it started to work. Which means the 865G driver got a list of capabilities
once the monitor info was installed. But the fact that it did not survive a
restart, means the registry did not get updated in some important way. This
could be a driver deficiency (in which case you'd see similar experiences
reported in Google), or it could be a problem with your registry. I would
want to check Device Manager, the Display Control Advanced section, and
see if the monitor info is still "Xerox" and is not "Generic". I'd
want to have a look in the registry, and see if there is anything in
there for the "865G" or for "Xerox". Or, check articles like this
for inspiration.

"Graphics: Supported Display Modes and Resolutions"

To me, if the thing worked once, it will work again. You just
have to figure out the recipe to make it work. You can try
contacting Intel tech support, and they will either take
an interest, or do the usual thing and point you at the
manufacturer of your product. It will likely be faster to
fix this problem yourself. Somehow :-)


Re: Intel 82865G and 1440x900 Resolution

Thanks for taking an interest Paul,
Your summary is spot on and I feel like I am so close. I have searched
the registry for the appropriate info but cannot find the key(s) that
determine the list of selectable resolutions. It's a bit of a maze
(although, I have managed to look up the adapter "CLSID" and then
searched for keys with that in). What is really frustrating is that
since it worked once I have yet to recreate the phenomena, even though
I have taken exactly the same steps.

Thanks again, and if you have any other ideas please let me know.

P.S. I have submitted the question to Intel (Lets hope I get an
interest) and also Dell. I won't be holding my breath!

Re: Intel 82865G and 1440x900 Resolution

Please tell me if you have any info about that.
I have the exact same problem with a flat monitor who has a 1400x1050
native resolution, and the f*$** driver doesn't give me a choice to
use it...
But, the card is supposed to handle this resolution...
Damn driver...

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