Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card

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I'm sure this will be an easy one to answer for someone here.  I would
just like to know if it is possible to install a dedicated graphics
card in a PC that has integrated graphics.  I suspect that you can but
would just like to check.



Re: Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card

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Yes you can normally. You need to know if you have
an AGP slot or a PCI slot available to put the card in.
That will determine what type of card you buy.
And if you dab F8 when you start your machine, you can look
in the BIOS where you would switch off the on board GFX.

Re: Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card


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Re: Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card

Andrew wrote:
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Always look inside the computer. Many people are surprised
to find there is no high performance video card slot in
their computer. Sometimes you can see the holes where the
connector would go, but no connector is soldered to the
motherboard. And in some cases, the chipset itself doesn't
have the signals on it either. There are pin compatible
chipsets, that allow different Northbridge chips to be used
in the same motherboard. For the more expensive computer, they
solder a Northbridge with AGP interface on it, and solder
the necessary AGP connector. On the cheaper computer, they
use a Northbridge with no AGP interface signals, and don't
solder the connector. So if a prebuilt computer was a
"bargain", better have a look inside the computer, to see
what you got.

There will usually be a spare PCI slot in the computer,
but for gaming, PCI is not an ideal choice. Older games
may be able to use a PCI graphics card without too much
complaint, but for anything demanding, buying a PCI graphics
card may only annoy you.

That is why, when buying a prebuilt system, is helps to
verify the necessary upgrade slot is there, before you buy
it. The info is not always easy to get. (On modern systems,
look for mention of "PCI Express x16" video slot, as that
is the current mainstream high performance connector type.
A PCI slot is 133MB/sec, AGP 8X is 2128MH/sec, and
"PCI Express x16" is 4000MB/sec.)


Re: Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card

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There isnt necessarily anything in the bios, it can be auto.
Just plug in the graphics card and it starts using it.

And quite a few systems use DEL to get into the bios too.

Re: Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card

You can at least put a PCI based video card in, but then you must turn off
the on-board video in the BIOS.  If the motherboard contains an AGP slot,
that would be even better than a PCI based card.


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