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Hi all,
I am trying to install a new hard disk (UATA) of 80GB to my PC which is
PIII 550MHz, 128 MB RAM,

and the motherboard is (i.e., the bottom line of the screen while
bootup reads like this):
03/08/2000 - i440BX-SMC672-2A69KD1CC-00

I am connecting the hard disk as a master, and trying to boot from
CDROM (Win-XP PRO). I thought

booting from CD in this way would give me an option of formatting and
installing WinXP on the new

hard disk. However, I am unable to do this. Following happens:
(1) I don't get an option of "press any key to boot from CD", which I
normally used to get on the

same PC when using the earlier 4GB harddisk.
(2) The PC, while booting, goes to a black screen with a table (System
Configuration), with the

following entries:
    Primary master disk: LBA, UDMA2,
    Primary slave disk:
    Secondary master disk:
    Secondary slave disk:
with the cursor blinking at the end of the first entry, and hangs in
this position and doesn't

boot any further.
(3) When I press DEL key to enter setup while booting, in the "IDE HDD
Auto detection" option,

when I press 'y' and enter, the messgae appears is:
    "Auto-detecting Primary master..."
and in the next line just below this, there is a numeral "2" written.
The PC againg hangs here.
In the setup under the "Standard CMOS Setup" option, all options (Type
and Mode) are AUTO.

I tried connecting this 80GB HD as a slave, with the earlier 4GB HD as
master (and which has win

XP loaded on it and works fine as a standalone harddisk on this PC),
but the same thing happens,

this time the "LBA, UDMA2" entry appearing for Primary Slave Disk in
(2) above.

I tried booting with a Win98 Cd, but same things happen.

Please help. Is it an indication that motherboard doesn't support this?
If yes, please let me

know the max. size of HD this can support.

Re: installing new hard disk

Did your hard disk come with detailed installation instructions?

Does the disk manufacturer maintain a web site where extensive technical support
is offered?

Ted Zieglar

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Re: installing new hard disk

No, the hard disk didn't come with instructions, I tried searching on
the Seagate website but couldn't find specific information. Any other
suggestions will be appreciated.

Ted Zieglar wrote:
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Re: installing new hard disk

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Does it have a jumper to limit the capacity to 32GB, if so set it
and give it another try.


Re: installing new hard disk

     I've run into a few motherboards (circa 1999 - 2001) that claim they
will allow starting from CD-ROM but don't. I also found that sometimes by
flashing the bios of the mb with the latest bios update would actually get
the thing to work and allow booting from the CD-ROM. That was true of an
Abit KT7 /Raid mb that I used. You could try that first if you're inclined.
    Another acceptable way is to start your XP installation with floppy
disks that can be downloaded from Microsoft. It's either 6 or 7 disks. Once
made you boot your computer with them and then the installation continues by
accessing the CD-ROM drive and your XP disk that you have already left
sitting in there in anticipation. The  install disks load a generic CD-ROM
driver for this. I've included the links below.
   In your bios change the startup boot sequence to go to the floppy and
then the first hard drive and you should be fine.

For Win XP Home

For Win XP Prof

Good luck,
Jan Alter
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Re: installing new hard disk

That older motherboard's BIOS does not support harddrives of that capacity.
You'll need a much lower capacity harddrive.


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Re: installing new hard disk

One could easily install a controller card ( ie Promise ) to allow even the
largest hard drive on that computer. Additionally, one could overcome any
bios limitation by installing overlay software from the manufacturer at no
cost at all to use the full hard drive space. There's no need to get a lower
size hard drive.

Jan Alter
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Re: installing new hard disk

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You haven't said where the CD-ROM drive is connected. The BIOS isn't
detecting it; therefore, you obviously won't be able to boot from it.

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Re: installing new hard disk

vj wrote:
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So, how is the CD drive set up? On a different IDE channel from the
would-be new HD? If on the same channel, is the CD properly jumpered to
be slave to match the HD's master? From the way you describe the problem
I'd guess that you have both drives on the same IDE channel with both
jumpered as master but that is just a SWAG.

BTW, if you remove the HD, does the CD suddenly re-appear during the
boot sequence?
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: installing new hard disk

VJ ,
see if this page from seagate is your 80 gb drive . it lists the
settings to allow your system to recognize your drive  . go to

also check this
page :

hope these
help ,

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