inkjet photo paper in a laser

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Not sure this is exactly a PC hardware question, but its definitely not

Can I use glossy inkjet photo paper in a colour laser printer. I suspect the
answer is vague and that some papers will be OK, but some might melt and
stick to the internal parts of the printer.

Is there a way to tell what paper will melt and what will be OK? I can only
find inkjet photo paper in my local shops, rather than glossy laser photo
paper and I'm not going to use trial and error to find out which ones work
and which ones ruin my new colour laser printer!

Re: inkjet photo paper in a laser

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What you suspect is true. Categorically, avoid inkjet papers in lasers
unless a paper manufacturer specifically states that their paper will work
in the laser printer.

Jan Alter

Re: inkjet photo paper in a laser

GT wrote:

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Inkjet paper may not hold the static charge needed for the toner to get
attracted to the paper in a laser printer.

The glossy finish on inkjet glossy paper is still permeable to the ink
versus trying to bond the carbon to the gloss surface in a laser

Glossy inkjet paper is intended to absorb the ink sufficiently to
provide a base on which it can dry.  It is not intended for the high
heat used for the fuser in a laser printer to bond the carbon to the

Since the inkjet paper is not intended for static charge distribution of
carbon or the fusing of the carbon onto the surface of the paper, the
result (if the glossy surface hasn't yet gummed up and ruined the fuser)
is that the carbon may not adhere to the paper which means the printout
will smear on the paper.

The inkjet paper is likely to curl due to the heat.  With the melted
glossy surface, it'll stick to the fuser.  If you thought buying the
toner cartridge was pricey, wait until you have to buy a new fuser (if
it's separate from the cartridge).

If you're so short of cash that you cannot afford glossy *laser* paper
to use in your laser printer, why are you wasting money to get the
glossy effect or even sending out hardcopies of your mass mailing rather
than using e-mail (possibly pointing to a web site with all your glitzy
content since e-mail clients usually strip it all out as a security

Hammermill Color Laser Gloss Paper, $12.29/300 sheets:

Same stuff for $8.94 at Walmart (really low shipping fee):

You really want to sacrifice your laser printer to save ~$10 to buy the
proper paper?

Re: inkjet photo paper in a laser

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No I don't, hence the question! My inkjet has broken, I have just bought a
colour laser to replace it and I have a stack of glossy inkjet paper sitting
around. Simple as that.

Thanks for the links - I'll see if there is a UK supplier that stocks these
things locally.


Re: inkjet photo paper in a laser

GT wrote:
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I've run glossy inkjet paper in my HP Laserjet without any problem, as have
many others (it is an old method of making PC board transfers).  The
specific glossy inkjet paper I used was from Staples, their "photo basic
gloss" paper, but other individuals have used different types of glossy
inkjet paper as well.


Re: inkjet photo paper in a laser

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1.  The printer manual will list what papers (have been tested to)
print well.
2.  Many local stores do not carry laser glossy printer paper, for
lack of demand.  This is why we can buy supplies via Internet
for delivery by mail.
Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)

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