Infra red control

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I have a Shuttle based system I built a couple of years ago (athlon 1800)
and I have Windows MCE running, but I'm fed up with the wireless keyboard
and mouse floating round the living room.

Can I buy a remote control for my PC? Not bothered about what the technology
is - Infra-red, bluetooth, microwave - don't care. I just know you can get
remote controls bundled with graphics cards and I would like a cheap (few
pounds), simple (USB?) solution for my living room PC. All the PC does is
play music, show photos and play DVDs.

I'm in the UK.

Re: Infra red control

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Microsoft A9O-00007 WinXP Media Center Infrared Remote Control - OEM

You can find more examples on this page. Make sure the device comes
with the infrared USB dongle:

You can test an infrared remove, by observing the part where the
light comes out, with a DV camera. Digital cameras have some
sensitivity to infrared. (Note - Color CCDs are coated with an infrared
filter, to reduce the sensitivity of the camera to infrared, but
you should still be able to see the infrared LED pulsating when you
push a button on the remote.)

I actually have a piece of film, that converts infrared into
visible light. The Radio Shack part number was 276-1099, but
the product doesn't appear to be for sale any more. That film
is handy for checking remotes - I have one remote with a bad
connection inside it somewhere, and the infrared conversion
film makes a convenient way to check for light output from
the remote.


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