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Hi, I'd like to ask a question please.
My dealer is assembling a new PC for HDV video editing.
The PC is a little bit expensive for me and the dealer has just told
me to change the RAM to get a cheaper PC.
My MB is Asus P5W HD DELUXE and the microprocessor is CONROE E6600
2,40GHz FSB 1066 4MB cache LGA775
I'd like to purchase 3 GB DDR800 Mhz  but the dealer has just told me
to puerchase 3 GB DDR667 Mhz because there is a very little difference
of quality.
In your opinion it is better to purchase DDR800 Mhz or DDR667 Mhz?
Where is the true?

Re: Info about RAM,

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I would go for the fastest memory that your budget can buy. 3GB is probably
plenty, so go for the faster stuff. There is DDR2-1033 (or 1000 or 1024 - I
forget) on the way soon.

Re: Info about RAM,

Your system would run a little faster using the DDR2 800 (not DDR, by the



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