Improper CPU Speed! Help

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I keep getting startup failures, say one in five attempts.  Get dumped into
a BIOS warning screen saying "During last boot up system hung for improper
CPU speed setting....."

I have an Athlon 1400MHz PC with Windows XP Pro.  The system has an Award
BIOS - no idea which version - how do I tell?

Could be wrong, but the problem seemed to start a few weeks ago immediately
after I installed, on the same day, a PCI USB2.0 card and a new 8 port
USB2.0 powered hub.

Any suggestions as to what is going on here, and how to fix?


Re: Improper CPU Speed! Help

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 08:52:33 GMT, "Steve W"

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It might help to list all major system components, including
PSU make/model/wattage, and especially the motherboard
make/model/revision, and it's bios revision.

Typically this is a motherboard bios problem, but could
instead be a marginal electronics/hardware problem.

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When the system posts it may show the bios version.  It is
not the Award   Bios  version you should be concerned about,
rather the motherboard manufacturer bios revision.

Windows has nothing to do with this problem.\

What is the rating for your memory?  If it is set to "+33"
mode or asynchronous, try setting it to the same MHz speed
as the CPU - 133MHz or rarely termed DDR266 (not as common a
reference for memory as CPU).  

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How long had the system been working properly prior to this?
You could of course, take these new parts out/off  the
system and see if the problem persists.

If all else fails, see if there are any relevant bios
updates on motherboard manufacturer's website and either
way, clear CMOS while AC power is disconnected from the PSU.

Re: Improper CPU Speed! Help

Steve W wrote:
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In addition to kony's excellent suggestions : Have you
checked or tried replacing the CMOS battery ? I've known
weak CMOS batteries to produce all kinds of funny,
seemingly random symptoms.

Re: Improper CPU Speed! Help

Steve W wrote:
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check your settings in bios,change the and save appropriately,then check
your mbo battery, you should also check your power supply unit for problems


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Re: Improper CPU Speed! Help

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Thanks for replies.  The Motherboard is ASUS A7A266, supplied in 2001, never

I changed the battery, and it seems to think I've installed a new CPU.  Now
seems to be happy.  Fingers crossed.  Thanks, all, for help.


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