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I've just installed a new 160GB SATA drive as my master in Win XP Home. My
previous 200GB SATA is now my slave drive [F] and I was hoping to have been
able to transfer all my music files from it to the new 160GB drive.

The previous 200GB drive had (and Has, I suppose) WinXP on it aswell, and
when it was my master drive, I saved all my music to a "Shared Music"

Now, when I go to check F/documentsandsettings folder, there is no Shared
Music, or indeed Shared users folder, but all my other previous profile
folders remain.

Is it because my new 160GB [C] drive has over ridden the Shared Users folder
with a new one? I was hoping that wouldn't happen, and I would be able to
retrieve my saved files.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks.


Re: Importing from SATA drive

Nik, 5/1/2005, 5:49:37 AM, wrote:

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Try doing a Search for a music file on the old drive.  The music files
may be under another profile name and you may have never noticed since
it was a Shared folder.

No matter what happens someone will find a way to take it too seriously.

Re: Importing from SATA drive

I've tried that and there are no MP3's on my F drive.

It appears that all my old profiles exist, apart from the "All Users"
profile, which had a Shared Document folder, and then Shared Music Folder
with thousands of downloaded (bought!) MP3's on.

I hate to think what I'd spent on that lot, and when my Motherboard blew and
I sent it back to MESH to have a new one, I took out the H/D and told them
to fit a new one, as I didn't want to risk losing any of the music.

Now I put the original drive back in as a slave, and the whole lot has
disappeared! I've obviously enabled hidden folders/files etc, but this
Shared folder has simply vanished!

Any ideas how to restore it?

I backed up everything onto Disc (Movies/Documents/Family Photos etc) but
had SO much music I decided I'd get some blank DVD's to back them up, but
the MoBo blew before I got round to it! DOH!

Thanks again for any ideas!


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Re: Importing from SATA drive

On Sun, 1 May 2005 09:49:37 +0000 (UTC), "Nik"

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Ask ethe same question in a microsoft.winxp group. I was in this same
situation recently with a new system I built for someone. Fortunately,
I was able to pop the old drive back in the old machine and move files
on the desktop to another folder. Otherwise
they didn;t show up where they were when the system was running. But I
don't know what windows does with them. It's a windows security issue.
Not a problem, it's designed to work that way.

Re: Importing from SATA drive

I asked on all the Windows XP newsgroups. No reply. Ah well.....

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Re: Importing from SATA drive

Nik wrote:
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It depends on how you had the permissions set up. Windows sometimes
makes those mind numbingly stupid errors ( especially with drive letters
that are stored in the registry), as I have found out when changing
drive orders in my computers. It may have been overwritten and if you
are lucky it may still be there, but hidden.
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Linux? Sorry, had to say that.
Bill Baka
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Re: Importing from SATA drive

Windows won't overwrite windows folders on another drive unless something
has gone drastically wrong.  You probably do not, however, when logged onto
the new drive, have permissions on the old my documents folder.

What file system are you using?  Did you actually share the folder, or is it
just named that?

Is windows still on the old drive?  Try making the old drive your boot
drive, the new one the slave.  boot into your old set up, find and transfer
files, switch the drives back again.

good luck


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