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After much drooling, and reading rave reviews here in UK, I bought this
CRT. Brilliant image....

After a few days, my wireless keyboard was erratic, and couple more
days, it stopped working completely. I thought perhaps coffee n crumbs
etc, so I bought another keyboard... Same thing happened...

Called the supplier, Misco, said they had never heard of a monitor
causing interference with wireless keyboards.

I then noticed that my handphone was hissing like never before, even 4
yards away from the monitor.

Called IIyama, who said indeed, this is a problem with some of these
monitors that have a radiation problem!!  Offered to swap it for another

I informed the DTI here in the UK, and Health and Safety are interested
and will inviestigate, as this may contravene legislation on electronics
and radiation in the EU.

So, now you know!
Lovely picture, but hey, what has it done to my brain.


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