iGO 5461 DVD Removal

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Can anyone explain how the hell I get the DVD drive out a Packard Hell
iGO 5461 notebook?  I can't figure how to even get the plastic cover

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Re: iGO 5461 DVD Removal

Maclehose wrote:
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I looked earlier and couldn't find anything. A lot of laptops, you
remove a securing strip along the top edge of the keyboard. Then the
keyboard assembly comes out, and you have access to other sub-assemblies.
Including a single screw in one corner of the optical drive, that
might be holding it in the bay. If there are any ribbon cables involved,
take a picture of the layout with a digital camera, so you can put
everything back *exactly* as you found it. Some of those cables cannot
take any abuse, either the cable itself, or the connectors on either


But that doesn't mean they all use a securing strip. Something that is more
compact, might use other tricks. Just hope it is not based on those
plastic tabs that snap in place. (The display section could use those.)

There are web sites that specialize in photo reviews of laptop
disassemblies. You might take a look through a few of these sites,
to see the common disassembly themes. It might give you some


And if you get it apart, you might consider contributing any
photos you take, to a disassembly site. Then someone else with
an iGO can get some help.


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