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Here's the choice - an Athlon 64 4000+,non-SLI motherboard,and a Nvidia7800
GTX,or 4400 dual core 64,SLI motherboard,and a 6800GT,with a second 6800 GT
to be added later.These are the only combinations that fit the budget I have
to work with.

Re: If you had to choose....

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I probably wouldnt get either of them cause they are too cutting edge
which means over priced theyll fall big time in a few months. But Id
probably get the dual core with 6800 and then later sell the 6800 and
get the 7800.

Its less hassle than selling the MB and processor later. I think the
6800 is plenty powerful for any games out now and I think I might use
the dual core aspects more though I wouldnt really know until I
actually use it of course. However my main problem in the past has
been using something like WINRAR or some other compression program or
TMPGEnc and then trying to do something else.

Often my system is brought to a standstill , cant do other things
except in slow motion or at least not as fast as I expect.  If you do
graphics rendering I assume it would be faster too. So for me a 6800GT
is plenty powerful until a new generation of games comes out and the
7800 is overkill , and grossly priced at the moment.

Ive read a few articles on it but Im no expert so maybe someone has
some angle that may be important which I havent mentioned.

You can always sell stuff later and upgrade. Try Ebay around Dec. Sure
the 6800GT will fall too along with the 7800 but then the whole thing
becomes much more reasonable - what was the 7800 some ridiculous price
like 599?  If it dropped to 399 by Dec and you could sell the 6800 for
at least 200 or so the whole upgrade is only 200 bucks much more
reasonable. And I would be looking for Black Friday deals way way way
lower in price. I got the 6800 during black friday at compusa of all
places last year for $199 and it didnt hit 199 again for ages after
that. I actually sold it on EBAY months after that for $230 the prices
were so freaking high on all the 6800s then.

However your tastes may vary , you might be a fanatical gamer, theres
always that rush with being the first on your block with a hot new
video card but Id never pay that much for one unless I had money to

Re: If you had to choose....

I've been leaning towards the dual core myself,if Intel had one advantage it
was in multitasking because of it's Hyper threading,and I've heard that with
dual core AMD has caught up to them,added to the fact that they're way ahead
in gaming use.With a SLI board,I can always add a second 6800gt,probably at
a reduced price,later.
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Re: If you had to choose....

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Yeah like Kony said there are things about SLI - not as fast as some
expected it to be. And it only worked in some games , not all etc,
You can sell it later the 6800 and get the 7800 if its really that
important anyway you do have the option to go either way,

Also at Toms Hard ware - they tested two dual cores and the Intel
version was faster because of HT,  

It went something like this -

AMD dual core - faster at single apps and of course there are
advantages when going dual core vs a single in some cases

INTEL - slower with single apps vs the AMD dual core but was faster
when using the dual core features. Toms hardware claims when they used
HT ,  thats when they saw the advantage with dual core over the AMD
dual core but when they didnt use HT then the dual INTEL was slower I
think.  I only skimmed the article as Im not in the mkt for dual core

Anyway for gaming and the fact you still get dual core advantages -
the AMD seems fine especially if its cheaper. I havent really priced
them so Im assuming Intel is higher.  

Re: If you had to choose....


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I"d get only one video card, not SLI'ing them, but buying
the motherboard based on other features- ignoring whether
SLI capable or not.

7800 is overpriced right now, will drop, AND the lower
priced, mid-range cards will eventually appear, and will be
the best value.

Unless you're itching to have utmost performance at a
price-premium (which seems unlikely since you used the word
"budget"), you might consider getting a plain 6800, not the
"LE" or "GT", which can be had for around $160 with a bit of
searching, then using it while waiting for 7800 and other
7xxx series cards to enter the market at better

By getting a regular 6800, you will find less depreciation,
less loss in value of the card by the time you resell it and
get the 7xxx series card.

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