IDE -> USB cable (w/o) enclosure

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Does anyone know where I would find a cheap IDE -> USB2 cable? I need
something that doesn't require the whole enclosure. I need to be able to
access regular hard drives from my laptop for short periods of time, and
something like this fits the bill perfectly.

Re: IDE -> USB cable (w/o) enclosure

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I got one off ebay that does laptop and desktop drives. It works extremely
well as long as the drive is set as master. The cost was pretty cheap at
somthing like $20 australian. For tech work it's invaluable, I'm thinking of
getting another just in case the first one breaks down.


Re: IDE -> USB cable (w/o) enclosure

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I bought one of these and it works nicely.  You can use for all size IDE
drives and ide CD/DVD drives.  It worked with virtually every drive I tried
with it, including CD burners.


Re: IDE -> USB cable (w/o) enclosure

P Ruetz wrote:
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graet tool, but

avoid that make/model pictured there. I bought one like that once.  It
worked in my maxtor but not my seagate. The adaptor doesn't fit
securely into the seagate. i guess seagate is less deep.

This one is far better. I always iuse it. I bought 2.. 'cos i'm afraid
of losing it!
(ok, i admiot, i bought 4 ;)        )

available here

and cheap, less than $20

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