IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

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I have a seagate 120GB IDE drive and a WD 250GB SATA drive.  I want to
boot from the SATA drive, but the system keeps trying to boot from the
IDE drive.

Looking at the BIOS, it says the SATA drive is "IDE 4" (but it is
plugged into the SATA 1 connection) and the IDE drive is "IDE 0".  The
BIOS won't let me switch the boot priority on the hard drives.

How do I get my system to boot from the SATA drive?

I need the IDE drive in the system as it has data that I need to
transfer to the SATA drive (the IDE drive is going bad and I need to
get the data off of it before it completely dies).


Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

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The SATA drive should really show up in the BIOS as a DATA drive! What does
the BIOS say and what does the system do if you remove the cables from the
IDE drive?

Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

If you re-configure the IDE to a slave position on the IDE cable might do it

Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive wrote:
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Some early SATA BIOSs played silly games trying to make those
new-fangled SATA drives look like regular IDE drives. You may be able to
turn off this emulation if this is the case on your MB. IIRC some BIOSs
made the SATA drives look as if they were SCSI drives also. Does the
boot priority show any other sort of hard drive devices?

It would really be useful if you told everyone what sort of MB you are
dealing with and what the BIOS version is since it is possible that
someone else has already seen and defeated the problem.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

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It wasn't a silly game..

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I didn't when I had it.  You just tell it which is "primary
controller". And it orders them occordingly. 1,2(for the primary)
3,4 for the secondary.

With the BIOSs that don't do that 'game' i'm not sure how you cna
change the ordering.. if it's possible??  The BIOS I have in mind that
didn't play the game, was on a Dell..  I didn't see a way to reorder
the drives so they were numbered differently.  But I could see how
they'd be numbered by looking at the order they were listed in the
BIOS.. It just wasn't possible as far as I could see, to change that

The order is relevant if you're using Norton Ghost 'cos it just refers
to drive 1,2,3,4 e.t.c. and you have to know which drive is which!!  I
found the BIOS referred to SATA0,SATA1,IDE0,IDE1 in that order, and so
norton used 1,2,3,4 in that order.

But it was nice that the BIOSs that played what you call a game, let
you change the ordering. Maybe it was possible i nthe ones that don't
play a game..

how is ordering changed on MBRDs that don't play a game?
If it's not possible, then the only way he can change the number
assigned to a drive, is to put it on a different port.
Nevertheless, changing the numbering like that is irrelevant anyway!
I don't see a necessity to make IDE 1,2 and SATA 3,4.  But still,
having the ability to do that is good.


Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

On 26 Apr 2007 13:49:44 -0700, wrote:

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Go into BIOS setup and look for the Hard Disk Boot Priority or Hard
Disk Drives setting. Move the SATA drive to the top  of the list of

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Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

On 26 Apr, 21:49, wrote:
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you can get it off with an IDE-USB adaptor.

Regarding MBRDs with IDE and SATA connectors. I think you need to look
at and analyse the following..

What ports does the MBRD have... What are you calling 0 and 1.. and

Does the MBRD have
2 IDE and 2 SATA?
And define your terms.   If you say IDE 1, I don't know if you mean
that the 2 IDe ports are IDE1 and IDE2.  Or IDE0 and IDE1.
Confusingly it's possible in theory, that IDE may be labelled from 0
and SATA from 1, or vice versa.

My experience is with 2 boards. I recall one , perhaps both. Had 2 IDE
ports and 2 SATA ports. When choosing in the BIOS to use SATA with
IDE, you lose one IDE port.

You can then have 4 drives..

2 on the IDE port,  one on SATA 1, one on SATA 2.

The BIOS then numbers the 1,2,3,4 depending on how you set the BIOS.

One possibility I remember, was as BIOS which when using IDE and SATA,
numbered the drives under the pretence that you had primary IDE and
secondary IDE. And you choose the primary controller.
You can tell it to treat the 2 SATA ports as "Primary". And the IDE
port as Secondary. Then SATA0 would be drive 1, SATA1 would be drive
2.  IDE would have drive 3 and drive 4(position on cable, master n

It's possible you got your one labelled as drive 4, by choosing SATA
as primary controller (so, IDE as secondary controller) and putting it
as slave.

thread: SATA with IDE - my experiences of it
ng: alt.comp.hardware
"date": jan 2007

I also write this ins some other post in a thread called "installing 1
SATA HDD" (also jan 2007)

"I posted a thread after yours with my experience/soluition.. But I
a board with 2 SATA and 2 IDE , and found that if you want both SATA
and IDE, then you can't use one of the IDEs. That's my experience
the board  I tried. It's the only one I tried with 2 SATA and 2 IDE.

The board I tried with 2 SATA and 1 IDE  let me fill them all.

You didn't say which IDE channel your drives are on.. but try
that rule.

I haven't messed with this much. I messed with it a little bit in jan
of this year.. And I did a brain dump of my findings.. for the
archives.  I hope the information is helpful.

Re: IDE/SATA drive mix can't set boot drive

On 26 Apr, 21:49, wrote:
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The drive you boot off is separate to whether the BIOS considers a
drive 1,2,3,4 or what port the drive is on.  I'll bet the BIOS does
let you boot off any drive.

Look again to change the boot order, or to choose what drive you boot
from. I'm sure it's possible.. You just can't find the option.

I reckon this actually has nothing to do with the issues of having
SATA and IDE. (initially I posted about the issues)..

You may be able to highlight a drive in the BIOS and move it up or
down with PAGE-UP or PAGE-DOWN..

It's a simple problem of finding the setting to set the boot sequence.
But if it really is something about numbering 1,2,3,4 and not letting
you boot from disk 4, then consider the IDE SATA issues, you should be
able to move your drive to another port or possibly even change the
numbering from the BIOS.

And if all that fails. Since your goal is to recover the data anyway..
You can use an IDE-USB adaptor

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