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I just got a new Dell Dimension E520. It's all SATA for the HD and CDRW.

I didn't get the DVD burner b/c I had a rather new Memorex one and was
gonna save $60 by putting it in the open bay infront. I was unaware HD's
and DVD used this new SATA technology. I discovered this when buying a
new HD for my for my 6 y/o PC while the Dell was on order.

I've seen posts and links to SATA to IDE converters here for Hard Drives
but no mention of CD or DVD burners.

Will these converters also work on DVD RW???

The pc does have 1 4 pin Molex power connector that is not in use so I
think I just need to convert the other part.


Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC wrote:
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You can get SATA optical drives. There are some DVD burners listed here:

SATA DVD Burner - Retail $36 (includes "Nero Essentials")
(Currently out of stock.)

There are various adapters here. Part of the fun is figuring
out whether they convert a motherboard IDE to SATA, or a
motherboard SATA to IDE. Then, read the customer reviews and
see if they really handle ATAPI and can actually work with
a burner.

If the Dell doesn't have SATA ports, maybe you can add an IDE PCI
card. Don't let the "66M" throw you, it works in ordinary PCI slots.
In terms of driver details, connected devices are handled via "SCSI
emulation", which is an easy way for manufacturers to add storage
devices to Windows.

PROMISE ULTRA133 TX2 PCI IDE 66M PCI Controller Card


Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC

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Those dont necessarily do a great job with optical drives.

Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC

HDs have been using SATA for a few years now, SATA for optical drives
are more recent.  

I've seen some converters for $20 or so and I don't see why they
shouldn't work with your optical drive.  If you plan on adding another
IDE drive might as well just purchase an PCI IDE controller card.

Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC

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That explains why I see so few SATA DVD burners in the store. Only saw 1
at BestBuy a Samsumg.
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I bought a IDE to SATA converter today at CompUSA

Installation s/b a snap but if it works I'll only know when I install it
which will probably be this weekend.

Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC

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I could not get it to work.

I connected it as instructed and turned on the SATA4 port in the BIOS.
But the PC would just lock up during boot up. Maybe I had to change the
jumper or something(I left it like it was in my other PC, Cable Select I

For $30 more(the converter was $30 which I returned) I just got a new
Samsung SATA DVD RW on sale at Best Buy. I said I'd wait for a sale as it
wasn't urgent for me to get one and luckily it went on sale this very

I installed it tonight. It worked from the get go. I didn't burn anything
yet but it read CDs and DVDs I burned with my other burner.

Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC

i just bought a dell dimension with a single drive, planning to install
my internal DVD burner as a secondary drive post-purchase.  After
recognizing the IDE vs. SATA issue, I started looking for solutions.  I
read too many problems with "converters", didn't want to use precious
slots for a IDE card, and certainly didn't want to buy a new burner.  

I ended up buying an enclosure to convert the internal burner to an
external burner.  Though it may not be as fast as SATA to use USB or
1394, it is VERY straightforward, logical, and cheap ($20-$35).  This
has proven to be a good solution.

USB Interface only - $20
USB & 1394 - $35

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Re: IDE DVD Burner in SATA PC

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Interesting product.

But an external DVD burner wasn't an option for me since I already have 2
Ext HD's on top of my PC so I wasn't looking for another box sitting on
top of my PC and I have enough plugs behind my desk(plus that has a fan
which my harddrives don't).

Additionally to me for approx $30 more just get a brand new DVD burner
and don't worry about all the fuss.

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