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Re: IBM ThinkPad A30p display defects

francis wrote:
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Replacing an A30p with and A31p is not a solution.  I've had the same
problem with A31p and A30p units, and also with a T23.  I still love
the machines, but the GPU/heat problem seems to eventually cause them
all to fail.  The lack of "consumer replaceable parts" for this
problem is a serious issue.


Re: IBM ThinkPad A30p display defects

To whom it may concern at IBM,

It's been more than a week since i've heard back from anyone at IBM
regarding the defective mainboard (GPU/VRAM) issue effecting my
ThinkPad A30p (model 2653-65U), which causes severe display corruption
(garbled text, blue lines, distorted video), and 16MB of video memory
to disappear (only 16 of the 32MB onboard vram is detected).

There are numerous ongoing discussions in various public forums on
usenet and the web detailing the exact same problem with other owners'
A30p ThinkPads.  Obviously, this defect is prone to directly causing
premature failure of system board, which can't easily be repaired.  In
fact, IBM's established procedure for fixing this commonly reported
problem with the A30 is to replace the motherboard entirely (with a
slight modifation, as below).  I've already had the mainboard in my
A30p replaced once, for the exact same display issue (above), and at
considerable inconvenience to myself, i might add.

I'm aware that the warranty period on my ThinkPad has expired, but I am
resolute about one thing; if this commonly known defect hadn't existed
to begin with, or if IBM had taken steps to correct it, perhaps when my
laptop was sent in for service the first time for the same problem, I
would not now have to deal with this major inconvenience and impending
expenses... and no guarantee that the same thing won't happen again,
for a third time!  Despite my best efforts, having taken exceptional
care of the A30p, my two older generation ThinkPads have outlasted the
newer one.  So much for ThinkPad quality and reliability, or did I
simply end-up with a lemon... along with all the other unhappy A30p
owners who have been voicing their concerns in online forums.

If nothing more than a goodwill gesture, I would like to see IBM/Lenovo
actively seek to HELP its customers, by offering to replace these
defective system boards for any A30 owner whose machine is effected by
this common issue.  Through online research, I've come to discover
there is a workaround fix that should have been done to my machine (but
was not) when the board was replaced the first time; the insertion of a
thermal transfer pad mounted atop the over-heating GPU and the
underside of the CPU's heatsink assembly.  That *important* step, of
coupling the GPU to the heat sink with a thermal pad, was overlooked
when my A30p was initially sent in for service, thus I'm once again
faced with this annoying issue... premature failure of the mainboard,
and through NO fault of my own either.

I need a reliable portable computer, how would you, IBM/Lenovo, suggest
I proceed; should I repair my ThinkPad, and hope for the best, that
this debacle won't happen again... and at who knows what more cost and
inconvenience to me???

Or should I simply count my losses... and move on to another brand of
portable?  I was planning a system upgrade in the near future anyway,
but my confidence in the venerable ThinkPad has been shaken.
Please advise... thanku

Re: IBM ThinkPad A30p display defects

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Do you REALLY believe anyone at IBM will read your post?

Tony Morgan

Re: IBM ThinkPad A30p display defects

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Tony! Think outside of the box! It is all documented for all to see for
decades to come. That is more important than anything else in the world.


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