I've put a ddr2 533 256 mb stick in a ddr 400 now my pc wont start

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I have abit ip-95 motherboard with 512 ddr2 533 ram
i've put a 256 mb ddr2 533 stick on one of the slots (now i found out
its ddr 400 back then they were known "blue slots" to me) and i started
my pc but it wont even post (assuming post is the beep you get that
means its all ok? lets say it starts and keeps restarting without the

i've removed the stick and the comp still wont start
i tried to reset the bios and it wont start too (clr cmos and removing
the battery...)

please help i'm using my friend's comp to post this and noone could fix

(and i'm poor and the nearest "decent" civilisation is atleast 60 miles
away :( )

Re: I've put a ddr2 533 256 mb stick in a ddr 400 now my pc wont start

need_help001 wrote:
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    I would look closely at the pins on the RAM connectors, you may have
damaged it.  If one of the pins is bent and shorting, that would do it.

Re: I've put a ddr2 533 256 mb stick in a ddr 400 now my pc wont start

On 10/8/2010 9:43 AM, need_help001 wrote:
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First thing I would do is locate the motherboard to chassis speaker
connector and make sure it is plugged in all the way.

Then I would reseat all power connectors, and Fans, as in unplug and
plug them back in, especially any that go to the motherboard.  Take care
with the large connectors so as to not flex the motherboard too much. If
your lucky one of them is just loose enough to not provide enough power
for the CPU or motherboard to function.

If reseating the power connectors does not help you might try booting
with no memory of any kind in the computer and see if it goes into the
multiple beeps that usually indicates the memory is missing.

If that does nothing it's time to try removing any circuit cards and
trying it again with them removed.  Good luck.

Re: I've put a ddr2 533 256 mb stick in a ddr 400 now my pc wont start

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Testing memory chips would be a first to do, then reading what experts
of that mbo manufacturer are suggesting in their manual and on their
website if they have one...

forums, same experiances with that mbo...


Re: I've put a ddr2 533 256 mb stick in a ddr 400 now my pc wont start

need_help001 wrote:
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There is a picture of the motherboard here.

It uses a VIA chipset, has two DDR slots and two DDR2 slots.

VIA P4M890/VT8237R Plus, LGA775 Intel socket

You can only use *one* kind of memory at a time.


You can use one or two sticks in the black slots.


You can use one or two sticks in the blue slots

but you cannot use blue and black slots at the same time.


Remove all RAM from the computer, with the power supply turned off.
Make sure the PC case speaker is connected to the header in the lower right
corner of the motherboard. You can see the PANEL header, in the picture on
page 1 here. You need the case speaker connected to PANEL, so you can
listen for "beep error codes"


With no RAM installed, when you turn on the computer, you should
hear an error beep pattern. Hearing two beeps or three beeps or
whatever, tells you the processor was able to run and read the
BIOS chip. If the motherboard remains silent, it could be
that the motherboard is damaged. The reason this test works, is
because in order to read the BIOS chip, the processor has to
access the Northbridge and Southbridge chips. If the motherboard
can make "beeps" in the internal case speaker, it means it is
working a little bit (this test doesn't prove the RAM slots work,
but does verify a bit of the motherboard). All the test
does, is test this path.

    Processor ---- Northbridge --- Southbridge --- BIOS_CHip

If it doesn't beep, you'd double check, that you haven't knocked
out a power cable, half pulled out an IDE cable, before giving up on it.

When you mix RAM types, you could end up with a stick of 2.5V memory
on the same bus lines as a stick of 1.8V memory. The voltage
difference could damage the RAM, make currents flow that were
never intended to flow. The chipset could be damaged. I
don't really know how to predict what would get damaged. I
expect the damage is limited to the motherboard and one or
two of the RAM sticks. Everything else should be OK. You
haven't ruined the entire computer - the damage is limited
in scope.

To replace the motherboard, this is the closest remaining brand
new LGA775 motherboard. This would be $67 plus shipping. Notice,
that this is a 12" x 9.6" motherboard - if your computer case
is microATX, this motherboard won't fit. This motherboard would
make a nice replacement, if you have a regular ATX sized computer
case. You need a big computer case, to fit this board. Use
a measuring tape, to verify a 12" high by 9.6" wide motherboard would fit.

ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 LGA 775 VIA PT880 Ultra ATX Intel Motherboard

You could put 2x512MB DDR2-533 in it, for a total of 1GB. This is $27.
This is the closest I could find. In the BIOS, I'd set this to
DDR2-533 operating speed. That is how I set it on my motherboard,
when I was using the 4Core board.

G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (to be run at DDR2-533)

You'll need some thermal paste, when moving the processor over
to the new motherboard. You can get a tube of thermal paste for
about $5 or so. You may already have some of this leftover from
a previous processor installation process.


So for around $100 or so, you can repair the damage.

Now, if the original motherboard passes the beep test, you can
continue to test the hardware you've got. Your next test
case, is to install the single DDR400 memory stick (the new one you
were trying to add). It is possible it survived this accident
and still works. If I had to guess, it could be the DDR2-533
is damaged and the DDR400 might be OK. But I don't see
any guarantees here. I think something got damaged, but
I don't know whether all three items (2 RAMs and motherboard)
got damaged or not. But rest assured, the damage area is
somewhere between RAM slots and those sticks of RAM. You
can't run 1.8V and 2.5V items at the same time.


If you fail the beep test, and the motherboard won't beep, I would
replace the motherboard AND the RAM. You don't want to endanger
the new motherboard, by using the (now suspect) sticks of DDR and
DDR2 RAM. Install fresh RAM, following the instructions in the
manual of the new motherboard.

Note that, the new motherboard has the same RAM population rules
as the old motherboard. You can use up to two sticks of DDR400.
You can use up to two sticks of DDR2 memory (running at DDR2-533,
so you could use DDR2-533, DDR2-667, DDR2-800 and just turn
down the speed in the BIOS). But you *cannot* mix memory types,
or the same burning accident will take place.

The manual for that Asrock motherboard, is available here.


And the rest of the info is here, including another picture.



Re: I've put a ddr2 533 256 mb stick in a ddr 400 now my pc wont start

i'm ******* arent i?

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