I thought screw matching placement would be sufficient

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But no on this PSU.  Take a look at this PSU and see if you can tell what is
strange here:


  It wasn't till after I bought the exact same model and it still didn't fit
when I realized what the trouble was.  The AC input is vertical in this
picture not horizontal as it is in every other PSU on Earth at this time.

  Is there a specification on PSUs which can be used to identify a PSU with
a veritcal AC input?  Thanks.

George Hester

Re: I thought screw matching placement would be sufficient

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 21:15:02 GMT, "George Hester"

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This is a bit confusing, how can it be the exact same model
if it hasn't the same AC socket orientation?

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Agreed, but at least they used a high quality fan?  (NMB)

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I'd call that a q0016512.jpg   ;-)

IMO, your best bet is to buy the replacement from Gateway
(or did you?), seek visual conformation of the changed AC
socket orientation if buying a
supposed-compatible-for-that-Gateway-system replacement,
enlarge the hole in the case so the one you have fits, or
see if there is room in your new PSU to "make" it work by:

Pull out the AC socket (some soldering might be required)
Cut out a barely oversized hole.
Take a piece of sheet metal, perhaps around 0.062" aluminum
would work nicely, and cut out the hole for the ac socket.
Make this sheet big enough to patch over the slightly
smaller hole you cut in the PSU case and drill holes to
screw the new AC plate in.  This seems like a lot of work,
and it is a lot more than you should have to do, but one
thing it has going for it is that as you go through the
process you are sure you're getting it done, towards a
working solution (assuming the PSU is in fact standard
electrically, not proprietary in that respect as well).

Re: I thought screw matching placement would be sufficient

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Yes it was the exact same model.  Only difference was mine was Rev 01 and
the image is 00.  That is a lot of work and really shouldn't be necessary
buying the same model.  So I guess there is not a way to search for a PSU
that is going to have the same orientation of the AC input because there is
no specification for it like there is for Watage say?  Oh well.  It turns
out Gateway has a mistake in their documentation and I have reached the end
of my tether with it.

I just borrowed a dremel from my next door neighbor and grinded my way to a
fitting PSU.

Thanks for the suggestions kony next time I hope to see more of the big

George Hester

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