I have to choose between 3 computers!

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I can choose between 3 different computers and I'd like to know which
one is better than the others:

Intel Pentium IV 3.02Ghz HT + P4C800 Deluxe

AMD Athlon 64 2.0Ghz + A8V Deluxe

AMD Athlon 64 2.0Ghz + K8V-X

Could you sort them for me please from the strongest to the weakest?
Thanks! :)

Re: I have to choose between 3 computers!

Charles wrote:
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Better for what?  And what will you be adding to them to make them
complete and usable? For some tasks the MB + processor are far less
important than the graphics subsystem. For other tasks the storage
subsystem is of primary importance.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: I have to choose between 3 computers!

Charles wrote:
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The Athlon64 has a performance multiplier of about 1.5. So a 2GHz
processor, might be equivalent to a P4 at 3GHz.

I take it the Pentium IV is actually 3.06GHz/FSB533/512KB L2 ? That
processor supports Hyperthreading, and is detected as two cores
by a modern version of Windows. That helps make the P4 marginally smoother
than the Athlon64.

In terms of the motherboards, the first one can take four
sticks of RAM. I'm typing this on the P4C800-E, which uses
the same chipset, and I get the same bandwidth reported, whether
using two or four matched sticks of RAM.

The second motherboard is S939. That is dual channel, holding
either two or four sticks. Two sticks runs faster than four
sticks, due to the loading effect on the processor's built-in
memory controller. So two sticks is the recommended config
(low CAS 2x1GB would have been recommended, but you cannot get
low CAS 1GB DDR any more - it all seems to be CAS3).

The third motherboard has three slots and is a single channel
board. The data bus is common to all three slots. The address bus
is split in two pieces. One address bus drives two slots, the other bus
drives the third slot. Using two of the three available slots
(i.e. one load per address bus), is as far as I'd go with that

The S939 can probably manage better memory bandwidth than
the S754 board. But at least for some games, either platform
has been able to do the job. So there is actually no reason
to be totally against an S754 board. It can still get the job

Where S939 shines, is in allowing dual core processors to be
used. You can still buy processors like the Opteron 185, which
will fit in the S939 board. And that, to me, is a vote in its
favor, compare to the S754. While you can buy a 3700+ for
the S754, the seller will ask a fortune for it. You could
probably get the Opteron 185 for the same or less money.
So in terms of upgrades, I'd rather have the S939, if I had to
choose between the S939 and S754.

Since I'm currently using my P4C800-E, and haven't used my
AthlonXP 3200+ for a while, that kind of tells you what choice
I made. The P4 with Hypethreading is just a tiny bit smoother in the
desktop, compared to the AMD. With the S939 board, you could
easily fix that with a dual core upgrade.


Re: I have to choose between 3 computers!

Thanks Paul, so if I understand, they are already sorted from the most
performant to the least, correct? (smoother = more performant, right?)


Re: I have to choose between 3 computers!

Charles wrote:
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Re: I have to choose between 3 computers!

On Sat, 5 Jan 2008 03:09:25 -0800 (PST), Charles

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Different CPU architectures have different performance at
different tasks.  You'd have to more carefully consider your
specific tasks to determine which is more effective.  Also
the Athlon 64 may have quite a bit more overclocking
headroom if you cared to overclock it.  Some easily hit
upwards of 3.0 to 3.2 GHz with air cooling, though I'd think
a more conservative expectation would be at least 2.5GHz or
more.  On the other hand the Athlon 64 at stock speed should
produce less heat making it the more energy conservative and
easier to quietly cool (depends a bit on what heatsink each
combo includes, and/or if you're willing to buy an
aftermarket heatsink if the original is unsuitable to your
noise level requirements).

I suppose I'm saying I'd take the second system but why are
we picking between only three?  It seems an odd time to
build a new system out of aged parts, but not aged so much
as to be very cheap yet.  I could see it if you have a lot
of DDR(1) memory already or an expensive AGP, gamer's video
card, but otherwise to buy the AGP video card and DDR1
memory today instead of DDR2 and PCI Express video might
cost enough extra to almost or completely cancel the savings
from the older board and processor versus a newer generation

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