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What is the max Humidity (percent)  allowed in the workplace where store
I have a high indoor humidity level in house, show almost 90 % and it stay
almost constantly and come from outdoor, old house, 1st floor..
Sure, humidity in a house cause a lot of problems. How this can affect on
hardware - notebooks, in particular? I am worried about expensive notebook,
and other PC hardwares..


Re: Humidity issue

Somewhere on teh intarwebs argent wrote:
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I have a similar situation and I fire up all laptops (I have 10+) and other
hardware at least once a month and leave 'it' running for at least two

Honestly it's a PITA but what are you gonna do?

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a
monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also
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Re: Humidity issue

argent wrote:
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Try a hard drive specification and see what you think. Search
for "Table 15", to see a graph with operating and non-operating
curves. This scared me, the first time I saw it. It's too bad
the consequences (and an interpretation) are not provided, when
this graph is presented. Other companies write specs like this
too. They're just hard to find. This spec won't be available
forever, because Hitachi's disk division has been bought out. /$file/7k1000_sp.pdf

The hard drive has a "breather hole", which equalizes internal
and external air pressure. So the drive is constantly "inhaling"
and "exhaling" through the breather hole (as atmospheric pressure
changes). The breather hole has a fine filter on it, but I would
expect sooner or later, an external humidity problem, will become
an internal humidity problem.

Most of the rest of a computer, I'd be less worried about.
Unless there was some crappy metallurgy somewhere, it
should be OK. (If the humidity is high enough, dissimilar
metals may form electrochemical cells and corrosion could

60% humidity, causes carpets to mildew, so at 90%,
I'd have to guess you have no carpeting at all.


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