HP Pavilion dv4150 temporary freezes/pauses

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Hey Everyone,

All of a sudden yesterday my laptop started freezing/pausing for
gradually longer periods of time to the point that it became unusable.

It becomes completely unresponsive as if it's frozen, but then it
starts working again.  The XP time reflects this.  It is now hours
behind as a result of hours worth of "pausing" or "freezing" while on.

Here are the changes that happened prior to this problem (all last

It all started with USB mouse that I was using no longer working.  I've
used the mouse for several months and it suddenly stopped working.  I'd
switch USB ports and it would work for a moment and then die out again.
 Sometimes it would have no power (I knew because it's an optical
mouse) and other times the light would be on, but the system wouldn't
respond.  The mousepad worked the entire time.

So I gave up on the mouse...

At the time, I was trying to install a font.  In the font directory I
found a number of fonts that I never used and are very old ('97 and
older).  Their extensions were .fon.  I thought I'd clear up some space
and not have to go through all the useless fonts when I'm selecting one
in a program.

I deleted some initially, but realized I should be backing them up
instead.  So I simply moved the remaining ones I didn't want into a
normal folder, outside the Windows/fonts/ directory.

At the time, the computer was going rather slowly compared to normal.
So I sought to make some changes.  I increased the page system file
from 752 to about 1500 min - 2000mb max.  I also deleted hotsync from
the startup folder and then while looking for msconfig (I forgot what
it was called) ran a couple .bat or .exe files in the system32 folder
(ie, autoexec.bat, task.exe) until I search for the name and found it.

In msconfig I disabled some start up programs I didn't need or was
unfamiliar with/didn't seem important.  Some had no location specified,
only a registry one.

In addition to this, I also disabled some services from the
administrator tools.

I rebooted a couple times and at first the start up was significantly
faster, but then there was something lagging the system.  I checked the
task manager, and it said the CPU was 100% in use by a process titled
"system" which was run by the "system".

I ended the task, and after a reboot, that was no longer the case.

I don't remember when the pausing/freezing began, but after all that it
began to get worse and worse.  At first it would be a second or two
every 10-20 seconds, but now it's 10-20 second pauses every few

The freezing/pausing actually started when in the midst of it all, I
was watching videos on video.google.com.  The video would pause and I
would move the laptop a little.  I noticed at one point that in a
particular position the pausing would be more likely (I'm not sure if
this is just a matter of correlation as opposed to causation).

I used a system restore to bring it back the way it was before I made
any changes, and for a little bit it was better, but again it started

At this point, I'm completely baffled and frustrated.  Is this a
software issue?  A hardware one?  I haven't dropped my laptop or
anything of the sort.  If anyone has any ideas or tips I would be very

Thank you in advance.

Re: HP Pavilion dv4150 temporary freezes/pauses

ahmed wrote:
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It appears to me that this is a CPU voltage issue or something similar
pointing to a mainboard failure.   The fact that it freezes for a period
and the system clock slows, rather than locking up and requiring a
reboot, points to a low voltage condition that is slowing the CPU.  This
voltage problem is likely the reason for the USB mouse failure also.


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