HP Media center 1328X CPU Fan RPM's

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I got A HP 1328x Media Center with winXP,  My wife has been asking me
about the fan, It speeds up alot when surffing the net or playing
She thinks thay maybe somthing wrong with it. I told her that it
speeds up and down when under a load to keep the cpu at a cool temp.
Is this right can some one tell me why the cpu fan speeds up alot?

Re: HP Media center 1328X CPU Fan RPM's

the motherboard most likely has a built in feature that regulates the
fan speed relative to cpu temperature and cpu usage. now if the fan
was making some kind of horrid noise, thats when u begin to worry.

Re: HP Media center 1328X CPU Fan RPM's

I been thinking about getting a new pc case, how would I know what my
mother bord will go in, How do i find out what kind of bord I have. I
was told to look on the edg of my bord but I dont see no brand name or

Re: HP Media center 1328X CPU Fan RPM's

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Yes,  a thermal feedback circuit controls fan speed.  If she
keeps asking then tell her you could buy another fan that
was just loud all the time, if not plugged into that

Through measurements, trial and error, you might find a
quieter fan works acceptibly to keep the temp low enough,
and an upgraded heatsink might help keep temp lower with a
quieter  fan but we can't know if this was just an issue of
curiosity or a problematic noise level and/or what lengths
you're willing to go to, to resolve it.

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