HP Laserjet prints gibberish (only from pdf files)

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Hi there=97hope you can help me with a funky (but highly annoying)
printer problem.

I am running a machine whose OS is Windows XP (Media Center edition,
SP2), connected to an HP Laserjet 2100 via a USB-to-parallel port
adapter. I frequently have to print Adobe 9.0 pdf documents with a lot
of superscript agate type, but my print jobs have been relatively
flawless for the past 3 years with this setup.

I recently upgraded my browser to Firefox 3, and the pdf=92s would
sometimes (not always) begin printing out ingibberish=94 with wacky
font substitutions. I did some online research and learned this is a
somewhat common bug to the new Firefox 3, and since I did not find a
decent fix, I simply began using IE 7 as my browser to do these print
jobs. This immediately solved the problem=97but only for about a month.

This evening, my pdf=92s as downloaded via IE7 began to print in the
same gibberish fashion that Firefox 3 was doing=97again, not all the
time, but ALWAYS when I tried to stack 2,3, or 4 small print jobs atop
each other in quick succession.

I then=85

1)    Ran Windows update=97got a bunch of security updates, but no new HP
drivers that I was aware of.
2)    Tried to download driver updates directly from HP, but when I ran
thedetect drivers automatically=94 function, repeatedly got the error
messagecannot determine the driver status for your printer.=94
3)    Tried to manually select what driver(s) I needed from the list, but
I am clueless as to which I need=85There are 7 options, ranging from PCL
type 5e and 6 drivers, plus 3 versions ofuniversal print
drivers=94 (PCL5, PCL6, and Postscript).

I am on the fence between picking a driver(s) to install, or maybe
deleting the printer from my Windowsprinters=94 list, then plugging it
back in and seeing if plug & play automatically fetches the drivers
for me.

But really, I am up against my technical limits here, and could use a
point in the right direction. Any advice on what I should do next
would be greatly appreciated.



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