HP DX2000 - VGA BIOS Solution needed!

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my onboard graphics card its not working, i cant see anything! I have
installed old PCI Card but i have to change primary video to PCI in
BIOS - but its inposible!

(like c00007413)

I need step by step solution how to do it, without screen preview.


Re: HP DX2000 - VGA BIOS Solution needed!

On Mon, 9 Mar 2009 12:47:04 -0700 (PDT), Dator-IT

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Do you have evidence the system is othewise working, that it
finishes posting and boots the OS, that the only thing wrong
is no video display?

If so, and if the motherboard has an AGP or PCIe slot, use
that type of card as a PCI card won't typically cause the
bios to automatically switch to it as the primary display

If not, your system may have another failure and the onboard
video itself might be viable still.

One hack that could work IF it's just the onboard video that
failed is to see if any bios editing tools can edit the
bios, then set the display adapter setting in the bios to
default to the PCI card, then put it on a bootable media
like a floppy with an autoexec.bat file to automatically
flash it (or pull the EEPROM and hot-swap it into a
different motheboard flashing the different bios with a
universal flashing tool which doesn't require same bios
series be flashed, like Uniflash.

Re: HP DX2000 - VGA BIOS Solution needed!

Dator-IT wrote:
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Chipset is 865GV, with no AGP slot. Three PCI slots.



The Southbridge could be ICH5 (the big chip with no heatsink). I'd
be looking at the top of that chip, for a burn mark. The "major failure"
mode of an ICH5 causes no POST symptoms. The "minor failure" mode (where
the failure event doesn't burn through the top of the chip), knocks out
all the USB ports at the same time. On a minor failure, the computer
still POSTs, but has no USB until you add a PCI USB card to the system.

(A burned, dead, ICH5 family chip)

One tool to use in this case, would be a PCI POST card. If placed in
slot 1 nearest the CPU, the display shows 0xFF, then the processor
isn't able to execute code. To bother with the video card, you'd want
the PCI POST to come off the 0xFF value and show some other codes,
as that would be proof that a major portion of the computer is working.
In this example, the card is showing 26, so the system isn't
completely dead. It is difficult to get complete lists of code values,
so the main value of these cards, is checking for 0x00 or 0xFF
failures to run. The BIOS contains commands to write to a card like
this one, and that is where the codes come from.


You can find PCI POST cards for less than the following one. Some people
will charge up to $100 for an item like this, while Ebay can have them
for less.


I found a Japanese web page, where someone added a PCI video card to
the DX2000, and there is no mention of having to flip a BIOS setting
first. Item is about half way down the page. Not very good evidence,
but suggests the card should have worked when plugged in.



Re: HP DX2000 - VGA BIOS Solution needed!

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Use the bios reset jumper and give it a try

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