HP DL585 G1 Processor Specifics

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I have a DL585 which has Opteron 850 Processors.

Having tried to run 64bit VMs on it, I now find out there are
different revisions and I need a "Revision E" or higher processor.

It would appear I have Revision CG processors.

So I should upgrade if i want 64bit vms...

however....the GC processors are 130nm and the E processors are 90nm
which kind of throws a spanner in the works.

How can I find out if the HP DL585 G1 boards I have will support a
90nm processor?


Re: HP DL585 G1 Processor Specifics

Junk@ballsdeep.net wrote:
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I really think you should contact HP about it, since the processor
could be expensive, and you could make an expensive purchasing

I can find a page here, but I don't know if this is the G1. Some
of the HP products, span multiple years, and I can never be sure
I've got the right one.


Now, that page has a list of processors.

AMD Opteron model 848 2.2GHz - 1MB L2 single-core
AMD Opteron Model 850 2.4GHz - 1MB L2 single-core
AMD Opteron Model 852 2.6GHz - 1MB L2 single-core
AMD Opteron Model 854 2.8GHz - 1MB L2 single-core
AMD Opteron Model 865 1.8GHz - 1MB L2 dual-core
AMD Opteron Model 875 2.2GHz - 1MB L2 dual-core
AMD Opteron Model 880 2.4GHz - 1MB L2 dual-core

Next stop, is AMD.

http://products.amd.com/en-us /

If I select "First Generation AMD Opteron", that is a
PDF document, with a table of processors.

The 880 listed in there, is a 90nm E6. The 850, on the
other hand, is available in CG (130nm) and E4 (90nm)

If we could use the presence of the 880 as a guide,
it suggests a 90nm processor could work.

The issue could be, the level of BIOS support provided,
as AMD adds processors to their product line. Maybe
the motherboard has enough power to run all the
processors in that family, but the BIOS startup code
has to be able to handle all variants. And that is something
that HP support might answer for you (if the answer
is shown on their screen when you call up).


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