HP 6980 - won't properly connect "securely" via wireless - only "unsecurely"

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Attempted to set up a HP6980 for a neighbour, expecting it to be easy -
connected to a Toshiba laptop via a Draytek 2800G wireless router

But the wireless printing only seems to work when the printer has *no*
encryption set. If the printer has no encryption set, it prints fine.

Setting up using the "manual" option - via Ethernet cable connecting
router to printer - all seems fine... until the Ethernet cable is
removed. At that point, the printer seems unable to find the router
wirelessly - the printer's network indicator light blinks ( indicating
"no connection" ).

It seems that the problem only occurs if the printer is being set to use
encryption. The connection between laptop and router is WEP. If the
printer is set to use WEP it can't find the router, but if the printer
is set to use no encryption it works fine.

( Filtering by MAC address has been set in the router, and that seems to
be fine. )

Any suggestions or comments at this point ?  :|

Re: HP 6980 - won't properly connect "securely" via wireless - only "unsecurely"

----------@example.com wrote:
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There is mention of an ad-hoc versus infrastructure mode (page 22). Maybe the
support for encryption changes with those options ? The factory default is
Also, the printer appears to be able to print the wireless setup, so you can
review the settings after you're finished.


There is another tiny document here, about what to expect on the printed report


Also, after you've pulled the Ethernet cable from the printer, it
might be worthwhile power cycling the printer, just in case it is still
confused about what network interface to use.


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