HOWTO implement ATA module into award BIOS .bin

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since so long i m trying to implement a RAID module of a A7V333
fullraid hacked bios into a newer BIOS, wich supports actual CPUs.

i have both of the files, but i don't make it... !!!

can ANYBODY help me please ???

thx... cryple

Re: HOWTO implement ATA module into award BIOS .bin

On 22 Dec 2005 14:02:11 -0800, wrote:

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The latest bios on is v 1017, v1018 shows it's
still beta so not so good to use.

CPU "support" enough to run the CPU should be fully working
on any of the later bios versions AFAIK, it would only be
the name it calls the CPU that is technically mislabeled.
Note that earlier revisions of the motherboard may not be as
stable as later versions, for newer CPUs.  I had two
different revisions of that board and the newer definitely
overclocked better than the older did, but both ran well
enough at stock speed up to around 174Mhz/DDR348 FSB, at
which point if an AGP 4X card were installed, the over-spec
AGP bus rate started causing video corruption but a bios
change won't fix that.

The v 1017 bios with full raid hack already done is here:

file 1017.bin CRC checksum:

I think this is the driver that was used with it in windows,

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