How tu update bios on Thinkpad 240 witgout floppy drive?

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I've got this super notebook, thinkpad 240, installed systems are win98
and xp. I don't have flopy drive and I want to update BIOS to activate
support for XP. There is problem when going out from sleep mode. Each
time CPU fan doesn't work after that. Ibm gives only set of files for a
flopy disk, bootdisk. But when I try to run updtflsh.exe, it works only
till it is begining to flash chip. Then it says "Memory cannot be
allocated". I tried some tricks with himem.sys, emm386.exe,
dos=high,umb but nothing works, even changing to this from
bootdisk (by the way there is still usuall menu when pressing F8, where
is it hidden?).Does anyone know how to do this?


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