How to set up RAID1?

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Can anyone  give me advice on setting up a RAID 1.  
The question I have concerns setting up the 2 new drives in the
computer as a RAID1.  Maxtor's manual, only refers to setting up one
HD in a computer at a time; no mention is made as to how to install
two at a time.  They tell you how to install them depending on the
situation, which in my case would be making it a boot drive and
copying the data from the existing ATA HD. The manual for the MSI MB,
states that when you set up the settings in the BIOS for the way you
want to handle you RAID settings, that both drives should be installed

I guess my question is, are the MB RAID settings made first before the
HD's are installed and then the Maxtor program run that will copy over
the data from my old drive?  I know that a RAID 0 see's both drives as
one drive, so do I still install both drives and let the BIOS setting
handle it as a RAID 0?



Re: How to set up RAID1?

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Just put in the two drives
then built your RAID array.

Once treat the array as if it was merely a simple HD

you need to partition and format it, etc

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