How to recover data from a JBOD array?

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I have an external enclosure that holds 2 disks in a JBOD array, and I'm
wondering how to recover data from it if one of the disks fail.

(The enclosure.)

I played around with it last night, testing with the 2 data-loaded disks that
were already
in it, and I found that removing the second disk in the array left the
first disk's partition and data fully functional, but trying to use the
second disk alone wouldn't work; the partition was not recognized.

A0 = array slot 0
A1 = array slot 1
D0 = disk 0
D1 = disk 1

A0/D0, A1/D1 = normal config
A0/D0        = disk 0 is readable
A0/D1        = partition unrecognized
A0/D1, A1/D0 = no partitions are recognized

Is there any way to recover data from disks other than disk 0 in a JBOD

Re: How to recover data from a JBOD array?

Oh, and how would a LUKS encrypted filesystem on the JBOD affect data
recovery potential?

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