How to open Canoscan N650U

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I have a Canoscan N650U with a spot on the underneath of the glass.
How can I open the scanner to clean it?

Re: How to open Canoscan N650U

On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 07:35:42 GMT, John Cummings

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If you can't find anyone who has one (and knows, having
taken it apart themselves), post details of how the case is

Usually they're built with a two half shell construction, or
a top shell and bottom.  Either way, if there are no visible
screw holes, press on labels and peel back feet to see if
the screws are hidden.

If there are no screws it's likely to be plastic friction
tabs and getting it apart without breaking them will depend
on flexing the case (but not too much or you might pop the
glass on top) and gently prying... a very thin knifeblade or
dental-type picks and probes are handy for these kinds of
tabs, as well as a strong light and preliminary examination
of the casing... since it has the large glass on top there
may be a lot you can see about how it's held together.

Remember that they don't intend for you to open and clean
it, there might even be a coating on the glass or plastic
window so it could require delicate cleaning with
scratchless cloth and only mild detergent solution, no
alcohol or ammonia, etc... but to be frank, I'd read same
warnings about CRT monitors and on some of them alcohol was
the only way to get the screen clean again, detergent wasn't
enough... YMMV

Re: How to open Canoscan N650U

kony wrote:
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The feet on the bottom, look like a good place to hide screws.

Otherwise, that is a pretty slim casing. The hardware must
be jammed in there.


Re: How to open Canoscan N650U


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Probably LED illumination, doesn't take much space that way.

I found what looks to be a picture of the bottom of a 650
and two to four spots might be clip release holes including
one of the feet on the bottom right but the pic is just low
enough resolution and too shallow an angle to be sure.

The top frame looks to be at least 4 border pieces so that's
another possibility.

Here's a translation of a page that shows what they're
calling the "LIDE" optical system employed.

I haven't been very impressed with the LED based scanners
I've seen, they all seem to have a shallower depth of focus.
I guess I scan too many things that aren't flat pieces of

Re: How to open Canoscan N650U

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According to Cannon the manuals are on your Setup CD.


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