how to exit dbus-monitor

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Does anyone know how to get out of dbus-monitor, and why is control-c

Re: how to exit dbus-monitor

Charles T Smith schrieb:
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Don't know why, but try Ctrl+z, then "kill %1". Ctrl+z usually sends SIGSTOP
to the process controlling the terminal and cannot be ignored.

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Re: how to exit dbus-monitor

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Nitpick: Actually, it's SIGTSTP, which also stops the process by
default but can be handled or ignored.  Also, if the process puts the
terminal in raw mode none of these keys will work, and you have to
figure out something else.

In the case of dbus-monitor, however, it looks like control-c is the
accepted way to exit.  It handles SIGINT and sets a flag that causes
it to exit when it returns to the main loop.  There is probably some
other bug which keeps it from getting back there.  Control-Z does work
in this case since SIGTSTP is not handled.

Re: how to exit dbus-monitor

On Sun, 04 Nov 2007 17:47:01 +0100, Jan Kandziora wrote:

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Well, ctrl-\ works, too (generating a core-dump).  But I was just
wondering what the canonical way to exit was, since ctrl-c was blocked.
There must be some logic there somewhere.

I couldn't find any documentation on it.

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