How Select HDD at boot?

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I have a MACHSPEED K8M800-8237 with AMD Athlon 64, 2.2 GHz CPU.
It has Phoenix Award BIOS V6, I think.
It has two bootable HDDs.  I want to boot to each separately.
I have done this on another machine by using F8 during boot, and then
selecting the HDD from which I want to boot.  It works fine.
Now I want to do same on this MACHSPEED machine.  But I find no
function key that will allow me a HDD choice.
Do some BIOSs not allow what I want to do?  Including this Phoenix?
or maybe there is another key that will facilitate?



Re: How Select HDD at boot? wrote:
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If it's available it was a custom BIOS. No one offers it as standard.
There are some programs to do that. Google is your friend.

Re: How Select HDD at boot?

Pen wrote:
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It is standard on what ever model Dell computers we use at work and on my
home computer.
I have an XFX motherboard that flashes something like Hit F11 or F12 for
boot choice during a reboot or power on.  The Dell computer at work does the
same.  At work I use a USB flash drive to boot from when I just want to
access the Internet.  Puppy Linux comes right up after the boot provided I
hit the right "F" key during the brief second or so that it is displayed and
pick the device I want to boot from.

I believe the option can be disabled using the BIOS settings so IT can block
the booting of external devices like my Linux flash drive if they choose.
Possibly your motherboard has a boot external device choice you can activate
which may bring up the BIOS boot choice menu during a reboot.

Re: How Select HDD at boot?

On Mon, 09 Nov 2009 07:22:11 -0500, wrote:

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If you have no key that will allow access to a boot menu you
are left needing to install a 3rd party boot loader type
program which replaces the one installed by the OS (if for
some reason you can't use the one that comes with many OS).

Re: How Select HDD at boot?

If your specific BIOS does not have that option...
you have 2 choices ...  a Bootloader on the HD that is set to 1st boot
or.                             enter the BIOS each and every time to change
the boot order.

My Gigabyte mobo Bios has that option and like the others it flashes at
bottom of screen
during the boot process.


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Re: How Select HDD at boot? wrote:
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On my computer (different motherboard), the options are listed at the bottom of
the initial BIOS screen. Mine uses F10 for popup boot and F2 to enter the BIOS.
Have a look at your BIOS screen. (And if your BIOS uses "full screen logo",
disable that so you can see the text screen at startup which in underneath.)


Re: Re: How Select HDD at boot?

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Thanks all.

It really looks like this BIOS does not allow control of 'power up
boot' via keyboard key like other BIOSs I have used.  I scanned the
BIOS windows carefully, and I do not see any.

I will either enter the BIOS each time to change the 'boot order' or
I will create a special boot.ini to deal with it.

Have a great day.

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