How much RAM for server ?

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How much RAM would you consider to be cost-effective for a
server in these circumstances -

1. Server is basically a mid-range desktop serving 9 clients
in the same room.
2. The system is to be used mainly for training purposes.
3. The training comprises of three different courses which
are to be carried out at different locations independent of
each other. Each location has its own server-client set.
4. The courses are
1) Software applications - DTP, Multimedia, AutoCAD,
Accounting, etc.
2) Computer Technique - DTP, programming, networking, etc
3) Hardware - computer assembling and maintenance

If appropriate, please make separate suggestions for each
course. The object is to build a cost-effective system with
limited funds. I'll appreciate concrete suggestions and not
something vague like "as much as you can afford". (I would
have preferred a dedicated server at least for course No.2,
but that's beyond my control. Do you agree ?)


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