How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

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Many of you know the site but how many know
anything beyond the vague contact information on the site.

It seems that owner and president of the Price Watch Corporation, Mr.
Michael Garces (also known as Manuel Garces) (PriceWatch Corp
Corporation) doesn't want to talk to anyone on the telephone or really
deal with anyone for that fact

So we did our own searching and this is what we found

1st of all, lets take a look at the Corporate Record for Price Watch
Corporation with the State of Texas at the following link

This shows the following record

1250 NE LOOP 410 STE 405
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78209-1524

November 15, 2005
Registered Agent: MICHAEL GARCES
717 N HARWOOD FL 6 ATTN LB 911407
DALLAS, TX 75201
(The old Maxus Energy Tower in Dallas - now KPMG Centre)

Registered Agent Resignation Date:
State of Incorporation: TX
File Number: 0135856700
Charter/COA Date: June 7, 1995
Charter/COA Type: Charter
Taxpayer Number: 17427862366

1250 N E LOOP 410 SUITE 405

After some sweet talking to an employee with the state of Texas, we
also found out that Mr. Garces has filed a extension to update their
corporate public info and that the company most likely started out in
1995 at the following address

SAN ANTONIO, TX 78209-6147

A small house on .15 acres

Property was valued at around $80,000 in 1999

It also appears that he owned another property down the street at 332
Tuttle Drive valued at $77,800

These properties it seems he owned under his most likely given name of
Manuel Garces.

Also it shows that Mr. Michael A. Garces (and his wife?) Carla owned
properties at

(All in San Antonio, Texas - values in 1999)

43 Bristol Green - valued at $419,700
53 Bristol Green - valued at $304,400
2 Worthsham Dr - vlaued at $40,000
2 Walford Ct - valued at $50,000
6 Admirals Way - valued at $700,000 **This is his primary residence**
23 Worthsham Drive - valued at $317,600
8 Davenport LN - valued at $1,507,800

If you look at the deed history at the Bristol Green properties - you
will see it listed the 348 Tuttle as the registered address - hence the
established link that Manuel Garcas and Michael A (aka Michael) Garcas
are the same person

In 2000 he got rid of both Tuttle Properties and one of the Bristol
Green properties.  No more going by Manuel it seems either

He added a new property at 3 Kings Ml valued at $356,400 in 2000

It seems in 2001, most of these properties with the exception of the 6
Admirals Way property (most likely his primary residence) were deeded
over (normal deeds) to an entity called " SAKI 2001 TRUST "

A couple of the properties were sold outright

A couple years later, he deeded over the 6 Admiral's Way property to
SAKI 2001 TRUST using a SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED.  Also a permit was
applied for this year by Mr. Garces for 4,500,000.00 of new
construction on the property as well.

This year Mr. Garcas via the SAKI 2001 Trust owns the following

3 Kings Ml - valued at $349,400
23 Worthsham Dr - valued at $301,170
8 Davenport Ln - valued at $1,444,200
6 Admirals Way - valued at $4,857,720

It appears that he has financed all of these properties through

Chase Bank Of Texas
Chase Manhattan Bank

Here is a listing that confirms the info from State of Texas about the
original Tuttle Address (348 Tuttle)

Whatever is going on - Mr. Garces is doing quite well with Pricewatch
and whatever else he may have cooking up...   Very interesting with all
the land changes, etc I think.

Currently a lady at the following CPA firm

Weilbacher & Associates PC
1250 NE Loop 410 Ste 405
San Antonio, TX 78209-1524
(210) 828-8800
fax (210) 828-9801
Contact: Kimberly Weilbacher

Handles all of the business end of it for

The rest of the time you have to e-mail (no phone numbers listed for
pricewatch - remember Michael doesn't want to talk or deal with anybody
according to the lady at Weilbacher)

Other addresses listed for Price Watch and Manuel/Michael A Garces

PO BOX 47531
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78265-7531














Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

WTF does this have to do with computer hardware?  Or maybe it was posted to
the wrong group?

Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

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Plus it has no point except to publish private information on a person
which is an invasion of privacy in which there is no good motive for
doing so.

You can argue that hes a business head so that hes open to
investigation , which is dubious since hes not a big public figure.
Thats like someone going out and dumping all the private info they dug
up on the person posting - where he went to school. his workplace etc.
Its creepy.

The only possible valid reason for doing so is if he was accused of a
serious crime and he was in the papers.  The post doesnt make any
point except to dump personal information though you can get all
property transaction info from public records its still creepy to dump
it on the net like that an invasion of privacy.

I can only assume the guy has a grudge againt him maybe his firm was
kicked off of Pricewatch or hes from a competing price search engine
or he has a personal beef  etc.

Or he has some cheesy private detective online time outfit and is
trying to drum up business for that but thats a pathetic way of doing

A good way is to come up with say Angelina Jolies or Brad Pitts
private numbers or some other celeb and dump it into the fan groups.
At least they are public figures and they can change their numbers etc
if they want to.

Actually it shows hes smart owning property during the real estate
bubble. Wish Id bought a bunch of its only a few years later. You are
always looking for the wrong thing. Tech stocks shot up and then
crashed and then you are waiting around for tech to rise again there
goes RE. Then RE crashes a few years from now and you are focused on
RE and something else shoots up instead.

Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

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Accessing public records for property ownership is not a violation of
anyone's privacy.  This post is clearly off-topic, but there is nothing
posted that is not a public record. (or so it seems to me).


Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????


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Its not technically a violation and as I noted its from public records
but would you want your workplace, name and address and all the
property you owned and any other records they could access dumped on
the internet for no reason?

People go ballistic about even inconsequential claims of breaches of
privacy let alone this. I usually find many of the whines about any
and all privacy issues a bit overblown with claims of  big brother all
the time but I dont think anyone would want their address and all the
propery they owned dumped on the net.

Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:50:38 GMT, ""

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Probably true, and I can't help but wonder if the OP, having
this kind of questionable attitude towards others, was the
cause of the original complaint- lack of communication from
pricewatch.  I can't speak for anyone else but when I field
emails from someone on a power trip they just get deleted
if/whenever prudent.

Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com????? wrote:
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You just don't get it: public records are not private, there is no
expectation of privacy, and the concept of invasion of privacy has no
relevance.  It might be annoying, it might be rude, but it is not
harassment of any kind.


Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

On Fri, 23 Sep 2005 17:50:49 -0600, "Quaoar"

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Actually there is.  While the legality provides some
latitude it can be and is considered harassment (if it
continues), if nothing else.

Quoted text here. Click to load it


That is but your personal interpretation.  I might agree
with that interpretation, or disagree, and neither of our
interpretations matter to the extent that we are not those
interpreting it for any significant resolution as we are not
Google, OP's ISP, nor a court.

Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

On 20 Sep 2005 17:20:23 -0700, was heard to

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So what the hell is your point?  You got something against a guy
making an honest buck or something?  I have used PriceWatch numerous
times and have always been satisfied.  They don't try to sell me
anything, direct me to commercial sites where I shop for the product I
want, which I nearly always get at the price PriceWatch listed - or
less, and they don't gather personal information and distribute it to
a bunch fo spam shitheads.

Christ, get a life!

Raymond Sirois Sr. KU2S
SysOp: The Lost Chord BBS

Re: How much do you really know about Pricewatch.Com?????

On 20 Sep 2005 17:20:23 -0700,

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What makes you think anyone "has" to talk to you?
It's a website... if you don't like it, turn your browser to
another one instead.

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