How long does MSI take?

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My MSI video card was RMA'd and received 3/23/05. It's 4/12/05 and the
status has been set to "repairing" for a week. How long does this take to
figure out their defective card fried in my computer? I'm going almost a
month without a video card and they haven't even begun shipping a new one to
me yet!

I should have bought a Dell!!!


Re: How long does MSI take?

Max, 4/12/2005, 2:52:23 PM,

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Why don't you call them?

No matter what happens, someone will find a way to take it too

Re: How long does MSI take?

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 18:52:23 GMT, "Max"

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Manufacturer RMA usually does take multiple weeks.  Consider
that based on shipping option it may take up to 2 business
weeks just to ship the card to and fro.  You might email
them and offer to pay more for their  hardware if they
devote  more people to handling RMA?  Unfortuately that's
about what it boils down to, good service costs $$.  Some
people prefer to take their chances and just buy another
(part), reselling the RMA-returned part later if they don't
need it.

Re: How long does MSI take?

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Yeah one month is about avg.  And a lot of people if you go buy posts
at sites seem to just buy another board /card cause they cant wait a
month.  Thats why Abits service is pretty good. They have the option
where they charge you a bit over one hundred last time I did it as
collateral and they ship you a replacement right away.  If they dont
get a board they keep the money. If they get a board its take a bit to
get the money back about a month later I think .   I think its
decreased by $5 or so too cause theres a paypal fee. You pay by paypal
and then they send you a check back a month or so later.

I just did a stick Kingston memory and they have the same option if
you cant wait - they charge you 50-60 bucks on your card and they send
you a stick out fast for replacement. If they dont get the stick they
keep the money.

Thats another topic. Im suddenly seeing a plague of bad memory. Im
suspecting though I dont know if its true - power problems from the
electric company. It stinks here. The power is always going off and on
several times a week it seems. The other night it went off for a few
seconds and then came on.  Yesterday morning it went out two times .

Can power outages that dont set off your power surge suppressors still
damage memory and other items? Thats what I want to know. In the past
I never had memory problems period. Now suddenly like bad caps mem
seems to be flaking out. Its so obvious cause the systems start
rebooting and corrupting data. The thing is a neighbors front bubble
lights which I posted about burnt out and at the same time a stick of
ridiculously expensive Samsung memory flaked out - gross errors in
Memtest86 after he experienced numerous reboot and lock up problems.

Another neigbors modem died and a stick of  crucial mem flaked out.

My problems which I blamed on drivers - the nvidia or the chaintech
bios upgrade now turns out to be bad memory. My sticks have been fine
for a year.  Then I moved the KBYTE stick and Kingston to my AMD 64
and it worked fine again for over one month. Then after a some power
outages it started rebooting. This may be a coincidence though. I
blamed the drvers cause no errors popped up after a day of memtest.
Now doing memtest over and over again it finally did pop up and the
intervals are getting shorter when errors pop up on the Kingston
stick. So it was the mem stick. They are cool about it though RMAd
just like that in one day.

And just think I flashed my bios with that bad stick. Hairy.

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