how do u test mo board/mem/modem???

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I had a power supply problem, bought another and now having problems,
had the p supply checked,,, is ok.  But now the computer will 'freeze'
and has to be powered off, (control alt del) will not work. But while
the machine is working,,,, it seems slower than before ''powersupply
problem/replace" ... Is there a way to check the computer, modem,
motherboard, memory so as to know they are working
up to specs.??????  
  I had a tech look at the machine for several hours, he 'thought" the
problem was a virus.  I formatted (wind xp) and still have the same
problem,,,, freeze.  I had, 3 stick of memory, at present I am running
the machine with 1. But I '''see''' no improvements. I would just like
to have a clue about what is wrong before I take it into the shop.
The machine came with software for the mother board, (utilities) and
it monitors temp, but that does not seem to be where the problems
This computer with the problem is about a year and a half old, and has
run well until now.  I have an older machine 2000 H/P  700mhz machine,
and at present this H/P is faster than the 2.5.k
  Hope u can help.    thanks in advance. cl.

Re: how do u test mo board/mem/modem??? wrote:

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Start with:

It will display information about your hardware.
Does the displayed information match with what you know
about your hardware ?

For a memory test program, go here. There are different
versions on the page, and this one is
used to make a special test floppy. You boot the computer
with the floppy, after the floppy has been formatted with
the tool below. To format a blank floppy with the special
test program, follow the instructions in the ZIP file.

To test hard drive throughput, use a program like HDTach.

That should give you enough to get started.


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