How do I use my graphics card for number crunching?

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Hello all. I've visited, downloaded/read a couple of
documents, and know that my GPU can immensely help my CPU in terms of
processing power.

In fact if I were to somehow paralellise my AMD XP2500+ and my Radeon
9800 Pro, I may well end up with a faster number cruncher than my AMD64
754-pin 3500+ comp (with a crappy gfx card).

I read an article about the Scout programming language to utilise the
gfx card for computational work. However I don't know where I can
learn/download it.

Nevertheless I think it is possible to utilise both the GPU/CPU in
parallel without learning a new programming language, simply by using
the already present hardware driver modules. Game makers have been
using the GPU/CPU in parallel for ages!

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