How do I turn off Num Lk so it stays off.

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Hi all,

My laptop, running xp sp2, has num lk turned on when I start up my pc.  I
have to turn it off before I can put in my password.  Can someone advise how
I turn this off so it stays off please.


Re: How do I turn off Num Lk so it stays off.


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Go into the BIOS and turn it off.

You access the BIOS when you start the computer. Hit the PAUSE key so
things won't scroll past you too quickly and you will see how to
access the BIOS. Hit any key other than PAUSE to resume.

Usually the BIOS is accessed by hitting the DEL key during startup,
but your system may be different. Once in the BIOS, *carefully* nose
around until you find the NumLock toggle. You will be instructed how
to change the value (typically the PgUp/PgDn keys) and then how to
Exit & Save.

If you mess up anything, do not try to fix it - just Exit Without Save
and start over.



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