How do I remove A hard Drive

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I have a older hp pavilion 9795. The hard drive needs replaced. The casing
for the computer only opens on one side. So I can only get the screws out to
remove the original hard drive from one side.
 So does anybody know how I get to the screws on the side that doesn't open?
I can't see any way to open the other side. I can't get to the screws I can
feel them with my hand if I reach inside. There has to be a way to get to
them. Google search revealed nothing helpful. Help please.

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

Joe wrote:
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Dunno if I got the right page or not.

It looks like there are two retention screws that hold the whole
drive cage in place. Once you remove those screws, the drive cage
slides out. You have to disconnect all the ribbon cables and
Molex 4 pin power cables, so the drive cage can come completely
out. (Make notes or place sticky paper on each cable, and also
note where pin one goes. Usually there is a colored stripe on the
pin one side of the ribbon cable. The power connectors are keyed by
the shape of the plastic shell.) You need to be able to lay the cage on
its side, so you can work on the screws on the drive itself. Be
careful when removing the last two screws of the four on the drive,
as then the drive can fall free.


Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

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HP in general: you either know the magic trick, or you have to use a
lot of elbow grease, or both. :)

The new ones are better. This is fair warning. :)

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive wrote:

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I had a similar problem replacing a CD drive in a Micron case.
Eventually discovered that the front panel could be unlatched and
swung to the right.  The drive was in a cage that slid out of the
front of the case.

Some cases have front panels that are completely removable - held
in place with push-on retainers.  Have a look.

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

Okay, so this might take a while to explain, but let's see if I can sum
it up: my friend needs a hard drive, and I have an extra one, but it's
actually my mom's, and she thinks it's worth $30, which my friend can't
afford, plus I kind of already said I'd give it to her free of charge,
so I offered to buy it from my mom for $30, but she won't take my money
and now she's mad at me and won't help me remove the hard drive and I
have no idea how to do it. It's one of those old Dell computers, and
I've been looking all over the Internet to find how to remove it, but I
can't find out anything and it needs to be out by 8:00 AM tomorrow when
I leave for school; it's about 5:30 PM now where I am. Help!!!

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Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

GeekyKid17 wrote:
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Most people look on the Dell web site, for information on their Dell
computer. There are online manuals, with details like how to replace
a hard drive. But since you didn't provide any info about your
Dell computer, it is pretty hard to give you a URL.


Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

Paul wrote:

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Do you know anybody who ever looked at a manufacturer`s manual to find
out how to remove a hard drive ?

Worst case scenario, I have tried to deal with a very small oddly
designed case, but after struggling for 20min-1hr, and covering the
inside of the case with my blood, and maybe asking a few non computer
people in the house, I got there in the end. But this guy didn`t even
mention a badly designed case.

I know some Dell cases may require a little knowledge and/or patience
to open!!  In that situation a company had many of them and somebody
else knew. I don`t know anybody who ever downloaded a manual to find
out how to open his case. I guess it is feasible. But this guy hasn`t
said he cannot figure out how to open his case.   If he had a manual
problem like opening the case or pulling out a metal tray with the hard
drive, then maybe the manual is relevant.  He could be asking
generally, how to remove a hard drive!! But in retrospect, I think
you`re right! I assume he has a manual problem like opening the case or
removing a tray. Prob opening the case, since it is a Dell. The Dell
cases I have seen, hard drives slide out, the case opens nicely but it
was funny to open.  You had to fondle/finger around at the bottom ,
push some button thing up, to release it..

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

On 31 Oct 2007 04:23:19 GMT, ""

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I'd bet some Dell owners do go look at the website pictures,
sometimes they are reasonable enough at describing a
process, but then again it's often easy enough to do just
looking at the case... but Dell sells to the general public
including those people who wouldn't know which end of a
screwdriver to hold while using it.

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If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer.  :-)

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Mom probably took out the screws and riveted it shut.  I've
thought about doing that a couple times for certain people's
systems, but then I thought it would be even more dangerous
to entice them into operating a drill.

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

kony wrote:

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A manual for how to put a CD in the drive.. And the like .  I just
cannot imagine anybody reading that and learning how to do it from that.

The kind of person that needs to read that, would not be able to open
it even after reading it.

And to go on the internet to get a manual about their computer case..
With the exception of some Dell cases. The person who cannot open their
computer case would not think to go on the internet to check. And even
for Dell cases, or any case actually, although I have opened many
cases, I have never thought of going on the internet for a manual to
find out.  I may do one day, it may avoid some bloodshed, but only
since Paul mentioned it! Though I am skeptical. I`ve experienced
companies that don`t want people to open the case. That is probably the
standard position.

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Fixing a computer for an old doctor in the family at no charge, I said
"look, I can`t get the front off this case. It`s an old computer.  Is
it ok if I just pull it off, it may crack the front a bit but it is of
no practical consequence. He said "fine".

So I pulled the front off.

Tried to Diagnose/Fix/Figure a workaround for the problem - power
switch was not always turning on the machine AND the monitor, turned
out the connection was ok. It was turning on the machine but the
monitor was not turning on..   Other times it would turn it on with the
monitor.  I gave them the options of further testing, including the
option of the workaround solution - to  turn it off and on until it
turns on both. They chose that workaround.

The front wouldn`t go back on. So I grabbed some tape and taped it back
on. The doctor`s old wife came in and said "is the computer
broken/working? I see it`s all bandaged up"

(I couldn`t use their clear cellotape, it didn`t work, wouldn`t come
off the roll in one piece, must`ve been too ancient)

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Most peoples` mothers are nowhere near that smart. Infact, often people
who are good with computers, have mothers that are completely computer
stupid - and often even generally unable to reason.


Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 21:26:52 -0400, GeekyKid17

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Since it doesn't seem obvious this must be a proprietary
mounted drive or conceiled rack with limited access?  Either
the side panel comes off to de-latch or unscrew a tab that
is holding the drive rack in, or it is done entirely by
taking a portion of the front panel off so either the drive
rack or individual drives (on rails) slide out.

I doubt an old drive is worth $30 but it was her drive ...
might be worth $30 only because she felt it would cost her
more to replace it but a new drive has a longer remaining
life ahead of it.

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

GeekyKid17 wrote:

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So you want to screw up your mum`s computer to help your possibly
female, friend.  If you cannot remove a hard drive then you won`t be
able to put it back in. So the computer will be out of action for a
while.  I suggest you tell your female friend that you can`t, tell her
your predicament.  She`ll see that you only said you`ll give it to her
because you were nice and meant well. Look at it as a TEST to see if
she is a nice girl or a bitch or an idiot.

Also. If your friend is putting the hard drive in the computer, it
implies she knows somebody who can put it in, and thus knows somebody
who can take it out.  So you could steal the computer from your home,
and take it to her place and let the person take it out.

But since technical problems are amoral, I will inform you on how to
continue.. with your technical problem of removing a hard drive.. Given
a deadline.

Just unplug everything for goodness sake!!!  You can do it in a minute!!

You may have some difficulty putting it back in if you don`t even know
how to take it out.

If you are still afraid you could..

Go onto computer chats immediately

Download MIRC to get into IRC chat.  UnderNET or DALnet servers. try
/join #computer #computers #computerhelp    that sort of thing.

They don`t suffer fools gladly though, and some of the OPs are fools.


Download PALTALK  go into a computer chat room
not everybody there is that technical, but you don`t need to be that
technical to do this.
I think paltalk may be most appropriate.

But the culture there is they don`t want you to damage your computer,
so they may tell you to take it to a shop.   (hence they don`t talk
about overclocking and stuff, incase a newbie messes up their computer.)

With IRC the culture is more that they may not be bothered to help you,
and so they may tell you to take it to a shop.

Nevertheless, you will have better luck there than in forums if you
have a deadline and also, since it isn`t too technical, there should be
many people that can help you.


Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

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I've worked on a lot of HP's (don't know if it was your model or not) but
they are pretty much the same.
You can get to the other side...but you have to pop the front off too.
If you look carefully you can see the pop-off tabs and depress them.
It's a real PITA but can be done.

BTW: If there is room to enough for a 2nd drive however...
you might as well just leave the old one inside

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Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

Joe wrote:
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The whole drive cage has to be removed. Directions are found here;

Re: How do I remove A hard Drive

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Unless someone with knowledge of your specific machine comes
up with an answer, here's a hint : In many branded machines,
the whole hard drive rack has to be removed or rotated
sideways as a unit before installing or removing a drive.
This usually requires turning a locking lever or removing a
couple of screws.

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