How do I reconnect an SATA port to a motherboard?

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When removing an SATA cable from the motherboard, I accidently removed
the plastic port (base) from the motherboard while I meant to just
remove the cable. I want to re-connect the port to the motherboard but
I'm having a tough time getting the very narrow slot on the port to
line up with the pins on the motherboard. Does anyone have any tips
for reconnecting the port without damaging the pins on the

Re: How do I reconnect an SATA port to a motherboard?

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If you've already bent the pins a little, it will be much
harder, you may need to gently try to straighten them some,
preferribly with a smooth edged tool (not needle nose pliers
with teeth, for example).  It may help a lot to pull the
board out of the case if you hadn't, so you can get a
bettery view and angle of approach.  If all else fails you
might be forced to desolder the pins, put them in the
connector then reattach it.  The traces are fairly delicate,
if you are not experienced at soldering this is not what I'd
suggest for a first project.

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