How do i burn a mpeg film

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Heelo, Ive just dl a film that has after its title    ` mvcd_pal_`  . Its an
mpeg file and ive tried using nero to burn it on a cd as i pressummed it to
be a vcd file but it wont all fit onto one cd. What am i doin wrong, should
i be using a dvd to put it on?

Re: How do i burn a mpeg film

Geezer wrote:
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To make a DVD out of a video file, that file must be encoded and sized
to a particular format.  There are a number of DVD encoders and
authoring programs that can march you through that -- I use the
TMpegEnc* applications from Pegasys, but there are probably some
freebies out there.  Check:

I presume that similar considerations apply to SVCDs.

Re: How do i burn a mpeg film

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005 16:04:24 +0000 (UTC), "Geezer"

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Since it's too big for a single CDR, yes you will have to do
one of three things:

1)  Put it on media with more storage potential, like a DVD.

2)  Use some video editor to split it up into multiple files
that are each small enough for the given media.

3)  Use some video editor to resample it to a higher
compression so the resultant filesize is smaller, small
enough to fit on the target media.  This #3 method has the
most degradation in quality.

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