How can I recover my hard disk?

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I had an external 2.5" hard drive in an external enclosure.

It seems to have died.    : (
It's stopped spinning suddenly.
Is there ANYTHING I can do to bring it to life?
Else is there ANYTHING I can do to get my data!?



Re: How can I recover my hard disk?

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There are a couple of things you could try :-

1. Are you sure the power supply to the drive is OK, try taking it out of
the enclosude and placeing it on the secondary IDE bus (if you have one and
it is IDE) see if the drive spins up, it could be that the external PS is

2. Hold the drive in your hand so that the platters are horizontal and give
it a couple of sharp twists right and left, this will some time free the
heads. If it starts up copy your data over to some other media.

3. Take the drive out of the enclosure and place it in a zip lock plastic
bag excluding as much air as possible, then place that bag in anothe bag.
Put the drive in the frezer for a couple of hours. Place it back in the
enclosure and see if that works, if it does copy the data some where else.

4. It could be the dive circuit board, if you can lay your hands on another
drive of exactly the same type swap the circuit boards.

5. Take it to a data recovery service (can be expensive).

Good luck.

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