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Re: How are my temps?

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 12:42:16 GMT, (Bob) wrote:

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Sorry but a Scientist uses scientific methods which include

Re: How are my temps?

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What's that supposed to mean?


Map of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

The ideological elites at the U.N. see the world as a collection of
helpless and victimized peoples beset by an ever-widening array of
"problems" ranging from civil wars to racial inequality that can be
solved only by an outside, all-knowing bureaucracy - the U.N. itself.
Their ultimate agenda is the disappearance of the sovereign nations
they claim to represent and the advent of a uniform global
government in which no one will be represented except the elites

Re: How are my temps?

On 14 Aug 2005 22:55:30 -0700, wrote:

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Your CPU is far too hot. My son has a 3.2 GHz version and he had to
install a Zalman 7700 heat sink.

The retail box cooler is inadequate if you are using the maching for
CPU-intensive tasks, like backing up DVDs.

He also installed 3 extra Panaflo Ultra Quiet fans, one blowing in on
the front, one blowing in on the side, and one blowing out on the

Now everything is cool inside his machine.

You might want to get Everest to do the temp measurements, including
your hard disks. The single most common reason for early HD failure is
excessive heat. You must keep them very cool to get the maximum
service from them. You can add a 4th fan in front of the internal
drive bay.

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