Hitachi 5700E Manual, or help

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I need a bit of help.  I just acquired a working Hitachi 5700E Disk
Series Raid server.  The problem is I have absolutely no manuals or
anything on it.  I do know it is wiped, that the Systems Parameter back
up disk is missing.  Or any pointers on setting it up or where I can
acquire a manual would be great help.

Thank you all.

Re: Hitachi 5700E Manual, or help

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OK. There are some manuals here. To make life miserable for you,
the folks at Hitachi chopped the manual into chapters, which means
you'll have a bit of URL hacking to do, to download the components.

The archived base web page is here:

Now, the way that works, is they don't reconstruct
all the links so that they work. If you hold your mouse over a
URL, the link is pretty well guaranteed to be bad. What you have to
do, is "glue" the tail end of the "bad" URL, onto the base URL
of the page you are currently viewing.

If we look at the "Chap 1" link of the first manual, the URL shown
on would be as shown. The date part of the link
is obviously missing, so this link cannot work in its current

Once the tail end of the URL "pdf/5700E_config/chap1.pdf" is grafted
onto the root part of the page we are on, you get this link. This
should work. For the other chapters, simply change the
file name on the end of the URL and paste into a new browser page.

The server does not always archive PDF documents,
so count yourself lucky. Many times both PDFs and graphics files
are missing. But compared to the alternative, of companies simply
erasing all knowledge of their previous products, this is a

The above "grafting" procedure must be used creatively, as sometimes
a link is relative to the current page, as opposed to absolute with
respect to the server part of the link. It is a lot like an
annoying jigsaw puzzle.


Re: Hitachi 5700E Manual, or help

Paul wrote:
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Hey Paul,

Thanks for the help here, I just didn't think of using --
and it so happens that going back to Oct 1999 I managed to grab a
complete customer service manual as well. No grafting needed, just able
to browse to it in the VM of Good thing those folks started
saving as far back as that ;)

This should give us all the information we need! Great! Kudos!

Signed: Mark.

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Re: Hitachi 5700E Manual, or help

Paul wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Coolies thanks Paul!

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