Hidden buttons on inspiron notebook

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Hi all,

I remove the bezel from my dell inspiron 1720 to replace the keyboard, and I
found 2 hidden buttons. The bezel has a home key and a power button, but
there are two other buttons on the keyboard to the left of these that are
not accessable with the bezel on. Is this because dell uses the same
keyboard for all models, and they have 2 extra keys on some models ?
(otherwise why have buttons you can't access)


Re: Hidden buttons on inspiron notebook

Skeleton Man wrote:
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One of them is a self-destruct, and the other causes Michael Dell's
pants to fall down.  You can see why they've covered them over.  (Press
the second one a few times for me.)

Re: Hidden buttons on inspiron notebook

On Sat, 31 Jan 2009 22:42:47 -0500, "Skeleton Man"

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Are they actually part of the keyboard itself, or on a
separate board above the keyboard?

Here's a pic of a XPS 1730 with one extra button but I can't
tell what it is from the picture, maybe someone else can see
the icon well enough.

Often buttons along that row are for media player functions
(except on laptops that have bottons for this along their
front edge).  You might check the spec sheet for a 1700
series and see what optional features yours lacks, features
that might make use of addt'l buttons.

You could always try pressing both of them in turn to see
what happens.  Have Mr. Dell on the phone at the time just
in case Grinder is right.  You might see if one turns the
system on, boots to (what would've been there if
implemented) an alternate media playback OS, and wait till a
windows hotkey driver is loaded in case they depend on one
to do anything.

Beyond that, if you get the part # off the piece the buttons
are on, you might be able to cross reference it to some
other Dell notebook models then check out pictures of those.

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