Helping repair a friends dead(?) computer

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A friend of mine mentioned that his computer died so I was curious if I
could fix it.  Here are the symptoms.
They said that previously the computer would give two keystrokes per
keystroke.  They also noticed other weird behavior.  At first I thought
it may have been a virus.  Luckily at this point I told them to back
their stuff up immediately so I think they got everything on CDs.
Then things worsened to the point where it does nothing when the
computer is turned on.  The computer does not post and all that happens
when the power is turned on is the case and CPU fans blow and the CD
and DVD players will open and close but there is no other signs of life
with the computer.  I tried to boot to a floppy and nothing happened.
I am also unable to see the BIOS.
  I am figuring that this is a dead motherboard.

Here are the specs:
eMachines T2482
FIC AM37 Motherboard
AMD XP 2400+ processor
256 MB of PC2100 RAM

I would just install a new motherboard and processor for this system,
but since they didn't get a Windows CD with the computer I am concerned
that they would also have to buy a new copy of Windows.  This starts
making it possibly not worth upgrading this box.  I also figure it
would be good to upgrade the power supply since the one in there may
have killed the motherboard.

I would appreciate any thoughts that anyone has out there.

Thank you very much,

Re: Helping repair a friends dead(?) computer

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Those emachines sure seem to loose a lot of motherboards...

but try opening the case and unplug and replug all components...

it might be a loose connection

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Re: Helping repair a friends dead(?) computer
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   If you can substitute another power supply in the machine that may be the
cause. Power supplies do not have to die entirely to cause what you
describe. Check carefully that all cards are seated in their slots. Inspect
cables that they are plugged in securely. Note if there is a huge amount of
dust on either the PS fan and cpu heat sink fan. Clean it off of course. If
it weren't for the point that you hear no post sound when you start the
computer I would also suspect the video going bad, so I still am guessing
power supply issues.
   Your speculation that this is hardly worth the effort because of the lack
of the original OS CD is somewhat valid but one might get around that other
ways, including getting in touch with the manufacturer to have them send you
another CD for a nominal price. If you can get it working and can't locate
the original OS CD then  it may be still worth the cost of buying a new copy
of XP for it as the cpu is still very workable for most everyday

Jan Alter

Re: Helping repair a friends dead(?) computer

It sounds likely that it's a failed motherboard.  Time for a new computer,
I'm afraid.


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Re: Helping repair a friends dead(?) computer

Will he really need a computer now he is dead?

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