Help with on/off problem

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AMD x26000 processor
2 GIG ram ( corsair)
asus M2N motherboard
n4590 chipset

I hit the power switch and nothing.
Later, Sometimes an hour, it goes on.

Now it will go on, after awhile, and no video
or keyboard.

I suspect power supply.
Anything else I should check ?



Re: Help with on/off problem

Somewhere on teh interweb jimz typed:
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Power switch. Sounds like there's corrosion or just flaky contacts inside


Re: Help with on/off problem

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 18:05:51 GMT, "jimz"

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As misfit wrote it could be the power switch but I too
suspect the PSU most, next the motherboard.  Try clearing
CMOS, check the battery voltage, and check the PSU's PS-On
and 5VSB voltages.

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