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I have a MSI mo/bo with a 1GH PIII, 1 CD, 1 CDRW, 2 30MB HDD and 1 FDD.  Running
Win2K for the last year or so-24/7 as a
server.  Unit died off over night with BSD and an error message of not being
able to read the boot device.  I changed the
startup sequence from HDD0, HDD1,CD to FDD, HDD0, CD and rebooted with a 98
startup disk.  Same problem.  The system will not
read any drive, Floppy, HDD or CD.  Anyone have an idea of what's wrong?
R. Wink
BTW, it has a 400 p/s that is less than a year old and the cmos battery that was
changed at the same time.

Re: Help with No Drive Boot

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 01:46:07 GMT, R. Wink

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Random guess would be that there are failed capacitors.  MSI
used a few on their boards from that era.  Examine the
capacitors for venting- domed tops, leaky residue on top or
bottoms or some that are now sitting at a funny angle but
were previously standing straight (and were definitely not
accidentally knocked sideways).

A power supply, especially a generic, can easily die in less
than a year so you might suspect that next.  If you have a
multimeter check voltage readings or at least go into the
bios health page and note what's reported.

You might also try clearing CMOS.

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