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ok so my notebook is dying, when i first turn it on it comes up with a
boot page that says s.m.a.r.t. drive has detected an error on hard
disk - toshiba #######. and it says i should back up the contents of
the hard drive and run a self test in hdd mode.

       when i went into bios and ran a self test it said failure
detected 1-07. im not sure what that means. it will still boot up
(very very slowly) and and i can surf the net but downloads are out of
the question. after a while a blue screen comes up with white font and
it says window has encountered an error and is shutting down and then
im done with my comp, so i dont know if i have a hardware or temp
problem or both.HELP!!!!

Re: help with hp notebook

mcrizzie15 wrote:
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So replace the drive and reload it from the backup.  You did make
the backup?

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Re: help with hp notebook

On Apr 19, 5:12 pm, n...@spam.invalid (mcrizzie15) wrote:
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First your NOTEBOOK is NOT dying. Just your hard drive. While you have
functionality, back it up, and then replace the drive.

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