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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me out of a jam I got myself into!

Long story short, I have an old IBM Thinkpad 380XD, 233 Pentium, that I had
the grand idea to try WinXP on.  It ran so slowly that I decided to go back
to Win95 (planning to later update to W98SE).  I use this laptop only for
wireless web browsing in my house.

After some work to get the drive back to FAT32, I now have Win95 up and
running.  Trouble is my CD drive just died.  My wireless card (D-Link DWL
650) has no Win95 driver.  My USB card reader has no Win95 driver.


1.  Is there a "generic" Win95 USB mass storage driver I might be able to
use to get the card reader (and card) up and going?  I could then transfer
files that way to install Win98 and get my wireless working.

2.  Is there any way to get my wireless adapter to work with Win95?  D-Link
doesn't support that.

3.  Is there any other way to cheaply transfer files from my desktop to this
laptop?  This computer really isn't worth a new CD drive, if you ask me.

Thanks in advance!

Re: help with file transfer to laptop

If memory serves me right, that thing had a floppy drive in it. You can put
the drivers on a floppy. You didn't by any chance put a network card in one
of the expansion slots did you?

You might also want to post this in a Windows 95 group, especially the part
about drivers. It seems to me you could use the dial up modem to get on the
net to downoad drivers, but you did not mention whether you had that
installed before your cd rom crapped out.

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Re: help with file transfer to laptop

By network card, I meant one with a RJ45 port? If so, you could then run a
cat 5 network cable from the laptop to the desktop and copy drivers that

You mentioned going to Windows 98, but how you gonna upgrade to Win.98
without a cdrom is beyond me.

I seem to remember the hard drive in that thing popping out rather easily.
So I guess you could get an adapter that would convert that drive to an
external drive, thereby connecting it to your desktop, but if you are going
to spend money on that, you might as well buy a new cd drive.

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